Name Dima the Lucent
-- Status description
-- Though hardly born to Zekira Dima is able to claim land, near the Vahh estates and holdings obviously, for her crystals and her dragon
Gender/?/Age/Lifespan Ostensibly Female / ?? / 'Ancient', this might mean decades, centuries, or epochs
Born Year / LAZ

Unknown / Arrived to Zekira with dragons and Gryphon and Raa'bina around 10700ish at K/L/Ski'nahket's facilities


B6, by Shy at the Vella Crean

Fertility Semi-Fertile, Easily Spliced
Parents None Known
Bred To/Offspring


Int - 82
App - 89
Edu - 68
Cha - 83
Str - 52
Soc - 88
Hea - 71
Agg - 52
Agi - 79
San - 74
Rea - 86
Cou - 80
Sensory Mods Psionic 175^
Movement Mods Priority 300^

Body Type: 61


Land - 428

Land/Area/Zone Amount/Use
K/L/Ski'nahket 28/'Small' Home
94/Crystal Lab
112/Dragon Lab
194/Dragon Land
Vella Crean ??/Dorm in Labs (doesn't count toward Holdings)
Bayaran None; though some folks at Ski'nahket seem to act like they owe her either money or service? No one knows why though, some even go to the lengths of calling her 'Mistress'
Budak None; and again, some number of people at the facility seem to truly just look to her as 'their Lady', whatever she says, they will oblige; including 'cleaning the canyon home for some pizza and beer' and the like...
Savings Unknown, held by Vahh it could be in the billions, or she's just funneling funds, who knows with her, she has everything she needs provided to her by Vahh anyway

*note all Minor powers act as Major for potency, range, etc

Genetic Purity/Power Rank 08/0
Minor* ^Enhanced Priority - approximately 3.5 x normal speed for 'starting to move' or getting around, exceptionally speedy, but generally only when people aren't watching
^Enhanced Psionic Senses - 2x effect for sense-only versions of all powers, does not apply to physical senses
Mutant Affinity - there is a reason those people respond to her whim, it's because she is simply alluring and the focus of their attention; this applies only to Bred individuals, and she is absolutely surrounded by them in the Ski'nahket facility

Dragon Affinity - as with mutant Zekirans, dragons seem to adore her and this is considerably stronger in terms of what they will do for her or take effort to help out where needed. Any encounter with any dragon is usually positive for her, until it's not, which ... may end badly for that dragon (witness those shattered shards of Death Court bones)
Dragon Psionic Suite - intimate and invasive telepathy at long range, empathy at close range, the ability to sense and determine the identity of dragons nearby, and can convey information such as locations, descriptions of other people or dragons, etc, in a flash of communication; depending on the breed of dragon, this might be easier or harder, the smarter they are and the more psionic skill they have, the easier it is for her to communicate; she can control dragons but only those from off-world and generally speaking does not try to do so unless it's vital (move there is a ship on the way, pick this tree up now!)
Energy Manipulation - this is not necessarily limited to 'visible light', but she commands mainly those wavelengths that human/dragon eyes might observe and a 'little' on either end; this can create illusions, but also may temporarily blind or disable, confuse, or entrance anyone with eyes nearby


Crystal Tuning - her most frequently used ability, any form of solid crystal atomic structure is hers to command. Some of the 'light' that she manipulates comes from the motion of the crystals, peizoelectric jolts, or the brightness of an atom leaving its shell as she forms one crystal into another; Dima is quite happy that crystal tuning is such a big deal on this planet - they can be both beautiful art installations and clever constructions useful for everyday functions!
Immortality - she is clearly immortal, and less clearly that's because she did not start out as a person in a flesh shell

Physical Mutations / Social Disadvantages

Minor - Visible Power Effects, when tunings are in use, her eyes turn a molten gold color, difficult to see unless you're right there; she can alternately cause this with Energy Manipulation as well, but it happens without control when Crystal Tuning is used

Disadvantages Minor - Affected By Crystal Tuning, can be affected by very strong (PR 1/0) crystal tuned powers, but only when directed at her and overcome a skill check
Minor - Strongly Visible Psionic Aura, in anyone with the ability to Detect Psionic Mind (PR 5-0), Detect Mutations (PR 3-0) or Residual Psionic Use (PR 2-0), she lights up like a target; normal people might say 'there's something odd about her' but will never be able to say exactly what it is; but those who can detect powers, mutations, or psionic activity know she is a strong source of it

Crystal Tuning centric, with a strong side of Dragonry Attendance (ie: I'm way too lazy to number these up)

Dragons Light Court Female Purple Arayath
Bonded at Vella Crean Court
Art Bello Paz

Dima the Lucent – Light Court Purple Arayath

Project, Ancient (from hatching info)

Dima is one of the older generation of Projects. She remembers the times when the Vella Crean was young and untouched, and she dreamily speaks of her travels with the other elementals. Exploring new worlds with Tiskaya , the child of wind, or watching worlds form and fish evolve to walk on land. No one is quite sure what her root power is, but Shy refers to her as Dima the Lucent, and it has stuck. 

Dime is able to manipulate light and crystals. Oftentimes, it can be a frivolous party trick where she can make multicoloured crystals “bloom”, shattering the room with fractels of light. In a… unusual way? Crystals seem to grow and blossom around her like mushrooms (although Dima would not appreciate the comparison). 

She is pale and beautiful and helpless looking in the way older Projects can be, entirely at odds with the power that thrum underneath their skin. Dima is perfectly able to protect herself, thank you very much: (the mushroom thing, it's definitely a fungal thing. Have you seen the jagged and black crystals she has blooming in the corner of the greenhouse? From Death Court bones). 

She likes to travel the world, and has decided that the Vahh family have very interesting and unusual abilities and secrets that she wants to better understand. 


Homestead in Ski'nahket - nestled in the curve of one of the canyons, several stories with one exit to the surface, but two others, one connected to the Mesa and one exiting directly to the canyon for dragon roosting

Crystal Lab in Ski'nahket - did you know that the facility runs on crystal energy? And some of it is not Zekiran crystal? The Xenian crystals that are grown in these deep labs respond incredibly well to Dima's touch, and though it's never going to be a problem (is it?) Vahh reminds her that even if he allows almost every light, screen, or hand-held com device to be powered by her crystals, she could in theory activate all of them to listen in, or tune them to do ... dangerous things.

Since establishing their portal to and from 'whatever world' suits their dragon-needs, the Vahh facility has created a large underground dragon area suitable for research on willing participants, and clinic space for those who are injured in the battles that they participate in. Hardly any Zekiran knows that they occasionally go out and about, but there are definitely reasons for some of the Vahh clan dragons to fight, not the least of which is 'they are bored out of their minds'. Both Dima and Arayath help organize structured lessons in dragon anatomy, though neither of them go out to fight of course. Dima provides dragons with crystal locator devices should they need help in the field.

The Dragon Hold is basically the entire stretch of the particular canyon where her home is situated. It's actually more like 'the moat around a mesa', since the home is set on one side of a rather wide meandering mesa. Some parts of the canyon are narrow and others more flat and broad, but all of it is rugged and fun to fly in, according to Arayath and her offworld friends.


(from Hatching)

  • A dark court brown sidled closer to the male candidates, judging them with faceted eyes that that assessed and discarded each man with a snort. 
  • “None of them are quite good enough, are they?” He remarked to a little light court purple who followed his lead. 
  • “Maybe you are too choosy.” She pipped up. 
  • “No, he was just hiding in the back.” Parakaramth bodily nudged some of the smaller candidates out of his way as he walked towards Gryphon Vahh. “I knew you were here.”
  • The little light court purple let out a happy little chirp, knowing her brother was in safe hands before scampering towards the Projects. She knew her intended had been here the entire time. She rose on her back legs and placed a hand on one tall Project's knee, and watched light fractal and shower around them. “Pretty” Arayath commented. 

Dima the Lucent – Light Court Purple Arayath 

Dragon Name: Arayath
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: medium 8'4" s
Colors: pale lavender-purple body that catches light easily; slightly dusty pale purple wingsails; more saturated purple crest; dark horns, blue faceted eyes
Features: Light Court Vella Crean, as shown
Parentage: unrelated to others in clutch
Origin: Vella Crean
Other Info: Arayath is sweet, pleasant, and likes the pretties. She is patient, willing to wait out long days while her bond is busy and distracted with their tasks. She does enjoy spending time with other dragons, and if she is not with her rider, can often be found socializing with others of her kind. Probably one of the few Court dragons who would more than happily fly off to the Death Court dens to “make friends”. 

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