Giving It All Back

While some game shows have a multitude of prizes and hefty winnings to hand out, some take a slightly different approach. Giving It All Back is one of those shows. The producers collect anonymous donations from all manner of sources - businesses, individuals, countries or even cabals - and pool these resources. Different celebrities are then paired up with individuals representing worthy causes for donation. While everyone walks away a 'winner' in that there is always a minimum donation level that is given to the runners up, the pair that do the best in a number of physical, mental, educational and social challenges generally take away a good sized pot. The early days of the show fluctuated wildly as to the amounts of donations but are now doled out in an incremental manner; over the years different failsafes have been put into place to ensure that everyone's charities are not only legitimate but get the attention they deserve. The smallest runner-up donation is generally $10k, while the biggest grand prize awarded was just under $2 million.

How in the world does this all relate to dragons? Well that's an interesting question. During one season, the "Patrol!" production staff encountered the show's investigation team as they were helping out after a small earthquake caused a large fire in one suburb. The Patrol! show spotlighted the good that the game show could do, as it related to doling out aid, and the dragons Searched two of the production staff. Suddenly, Giving It All Back could go global - or even multi-dimensional. They've mostly chosen to remain at home, but they take requests from charities as far away as India and Fur-Side Australia, so things are starting to change.

This show has seasonal editions, and this group of participants are part of the Winter Holiday Specials! All attending classes at C4 (Crescent City Community College) and having a background in public service, with majors that are varied, and skills that are equally unique, but all apt to add quite a bit to a charity drive!



Name Minsrasurra
Gender Female
Size 8' s / 48' long
Colors Mint-flame Marked Snow white body, Evergreen wingsails, crest webs, tail spade, and paw pads; claws grey, eyes yellow
Features Four legs with Paws, Spade Tail, Mane from head to tail tip, Belly Armor from chin to mid-tail, Webbed Tine Crest from head to low tail, Antlers (shed yearly), Carries Drak wings (will produce 4+ in any multi) with 2 visible fingers having short stubby claw tips, wrist thumb with claw; deer-like head; bling

Winged Flight
Teleport/al (either)
Telepathy and Verbal Speech
Fire Breath
Winter Senses
Cause Snowfall

Restrictions prefers bond, collects shiny stuff
Bond Hester Senna
Parents Yetinanra / Fyrrieldur (half drak) ; from Red and Green 2013

Name Hester Senna
Gender Female, She/Her, Straight
Age 22
Major Botany, Pharmacology
Skills Highly Tactical, Intuitive
Name meaning Ishtar's flowering plant


Name Jaqsi Caelumpictor (nice, Kazakh)
Gender Female
Size medium, 11' s / 64' l / 86' ws
Colors Body dark red with a liberal frosting of snow white dappled on back; wingsails bright red; armor and hair sooty black, eyes sooty black, claws light and horns/spines grey
Features Makanan Iulerbrilan mutt, with large tail spade and modified head ridge as shown

Bolt Breath, Telepathy, Teleportation

Restrictions None known?
Parents / From Sire: Silver-White Air Makanan/Iulerbrilan Ciwary Caelumpictor Dam: Unknown // FFFRedux by Phe and Dray
Bond Neriah, Voluntary

Name Neriah Mendoza
Gender Female, she/her, straight
Age 23
Major Criminal Law
Skills Empathy, Detail-Oriented
Name meaning light on the cold mountain



Name Telshael Imabrosia
Gender Male
Size *13'6" shoulder, 40'5" long
Colors White Blue, body shiny pearl white, mane and fluff periwinkle-denim blue with shine, feathers white, bobs pale blue; wings gold with soft white feathers; claws and horns gold, eyes red-brown
Features Four legs with long Claws, spade tail, multi-wings (feathered), full mane, belly fur, Supernal traits, horns, crest bobs, external fluffy ears, muzzled face
Powers/Abilities Winged Flight
Verbal Speech
Heal Others
Fire Immunity
Restrictions Can bond at adulthood, can breed with anything similar sized
Parents Blue-Silver Dimasasehiel Imabrosia / White-Blue Wintering - Supernal/Whorling Mutt Winter Gather 2011
Bond Amari Orie

Name Amari Orie
Gender Female, Trans, She/Her, Bi
Age 20
Major Psychology, Gender Studies
Skills Marathon / Triathalon, Fashion
Name meaning long-lived born on Orie - this name is shortened from Okorie, as that means 'boy born on'...


Name Qulaylik (comfort, Uzbek)
Gender Male
Size 7' s / 30' l / 34' ws
Colors milk chocolate with tiny marshmallow-white spots, dark chocolate wingsails, with added white on armor; whipped cream white claws, horns, and mane, dark-dark chocolate ridges, eyes misty silver
Features Noodle with a high head and low slung back; 4 legs with clawed feet, 2 leathery wings with 3 clawed fingers; scaled body with armor plate on belly from chin to upper tail, floof mane from forehead to upper tail, low ridges from forehead to tail tip, paired spike/plates on tail tip; foxy head with 2 back pointing upswept horns, large eyes
Powers/Abilities Winged Flight
Psionics, Foresight - telepathic and empathic to a strong degree, and can communicate with his rider at virtually any distance; senses just the right spot to be in, or exactly the right person who needs aid about a day before they're truly in need
Light Breath, can shed light, literally, on a shadowed area, breathing out what looks like a plume of smoke but it's actually just floating particles of light which illuminate gently, a 20 foot cube or similar volume of flatter space
Create and Control Hot chocolate AND whipped cream! I mean, how else can you lift spirits best? And best of all, since this is magical chocolate, it has no calories (unless you need the energy) and no allergens!
Restrictions none known
Parents / From Winter Gather 2005 by Dray, reclaim from Kless
Bond Yuki Sierra

Name Yuki Sierra
Gender Female, she/they, aro
Age 21
Major Political Science/ International Relations
Skills Archery, Languages
Name meaning snowy mountain


Name Lale Rona'de
Gender Male
Size 5'6" s*
Colors Fur purple, skin magenta-blue, extra color vibrant purple; silk pattern with outer glow, red eyes;
Features four pawed legs with short claws; three pairs of wings with 3 visible fingers on main, 2 on rear, and 1 on hind; large boxy head with muzzle, fur / feathers as well as hide/skin/scale areas; feather crest on head/neck; spined (feathered?) tail
Powers/Abilities Winged Flight
*Size Shift
Shapeshifting (unlimited)
Fire Control
Balance Control (karma)
Restrictions ? none?
Parents Nirivin Rona'de / Ghaniya / from Jkat's giveaway 2022

not preferred but here we are... sponsored by Chae-Won Yoon

Personality: unkind, efficient

Name Chae-Won Yoon
Gender Female, she/her, bi
Age 19
Major Anthropology / Historical Genetic Analysis
Skills Public Speaking, Cultural Linguistics
Name meaning Gathering Overseer


Name Sherimei Jariane (healing, Albanian)
Gender Female
Size medium-large 13'6" s / 47'3" l / 81' ws
Colors body pearlescent white with pale yellow under neck and belly; wingsails stormy cream-yellow with bright white lightning; all fur fluff iridescent black; claws grey, horns pale yellow, eyes pale yellow
Features Askan/Piralan Avyndal mutt, as shown, has thumbs, long ears with tufts, jaw horns and forehead horn, given name ending -ji for males or -ei for females
Powers/Abilities Winged Flight
Avengaean Functional Magic, Healing Magic, Holy Magic, Immortality, Psionics (Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation), Shapeshifting (Dragon-Human Spectrum), Verbal Speech
Restrictions none known? Will likely prefer 'good' oriented partners
Parents / From Copper Black Blue Avyndal Shalomji / Askan/Piralan Demulcei Jariane // FFFRedux by Phe and Dray
Bond Kat Bodi (voluntary)

Name Katleho (Kat) Bodi
Gender Female, she/her, gay
Age 23
Major Economics, Accounting
Skills Logistics, Tactics, Command
Name meaning Gift of Command


DollDivine, various makers probably not functional without Flashpoint