Ghaniya, female gift drak through Nexus Exchange, from Samber!

1st Period Heroic Ethics with Peacemongrel
2nd Period Track and Field with Hilton
3rd Period Genetic Engineering: Animal Theory with Shy
4th Period Measuring Up with Haital
5th Period Grad Student Training with Hirayama
6th Period Universal History with Argle
7th Period English 101 with Milsap
8th Period Dragon Hatching Seminar with Baeris Kshau

Ghani has three-four pairs of legs (2-3 front, 1 back) and three-four pairs of wings. (One of her limbsets is combined leg and wing.) She's quite large (same as a small Pernese gold or bronze, measured in feet, not meters) but can decrease her size without consciously thinking about it, always being the right size for wherever she is. And all those colors are natural, not dyed or tattooed.

Taufon Usagi

This is a young bigendered Usagi. Shhee has fur of sky blue with crimson tipped thin and long ears. Hir markings in that color are splotchs on whole face, and hir hair is medium long and in pony tails, coral with marking-color tips. Hir clothing is worn at all times, consisting of viridian colored leather pants and neon blue denim jacket. The magic shhee specializes in is air attacks. Hir community raised the children, and shhee has a younger sister.

1st Period Earth Geography with Rubio
2nd Period Ancient Scrolls with Hicks
3rd Period Weather Control and its Implications with Tempest
4th Period Advanced Interrogation with V. Sanger
5th Period Teleport Practice with Retail Retali8r
6th Period Practical Anatomy with V. Sanger
7th Period Way Off Base-10 with Saiintenella
8th Period Universal Sign Language with W.B. Poddie

Was it odd that Ghaniya had chosen to mate? Hardly. Everyone was doing it in the summer during break. Some of the teens in Carramba High's summer program were snubbing their noses at such things as socialization, while others were dramatically trying to get in on the action.

And Ghaniya... She'd already found at least one mate, in a beautiful male named Azlin Winterheart.

Viscor might have been another (but there's nothing to show for that, not sure why...)

2023 -- Somehow, at some point, she participated in an event that led to a truly amazing batch of offspring. With Nirivin Rona'de, and the results are below!

Offspring Name Gender/Colors To:
Vilespi Rona'de Male/orange rainbow Ktrenal
Nile Rona'de Male/gold striped Dray
Rasrassa Rona'de Female/purple rainbow Molly
Vaiy (?) Rona'de Male/red red red Phe
Zhasa Rona'de Female/red purple Neishai
Lale Rona'de Male/glowy purple-blue Zek
Vinha Rona'de Female/yellow gold glow Mystic
Rasy Rona'de Male/black purple Ty
Wahsa Rona'de Female/gold rainbow Trix
Wahva Rona'de Male/red rainbow Nomi
Ghaiy Rona'de Female/red purple Sheari
Hasavi Rona'de Male/black blue striped Neishai
Iyassar Rona'de Male/black blue Sheari
Rinrasni Rona'de Male/red purple striped Phe
Sarsar Rona'de Male/black black black Dray
Syyacy Rona'de Female/yellow black Trix
Viniio Rona'de Female/Red pink Nomi
Viniy Rona'de Female/red purple stripes Zek