Stayathia Filidechiroptidae

NameStayathia Filidechiroptidae
Age Around 22 in human terms
Species Dragon (mutt - Avengaean Earth, Vatkari, Mutt) (Bod +5 Bonk +5 Drive = 0) (no site link to Aven any more sorry, made for gift exchange on Nexus)
Post Instructor (Shadow Magic, Exotic Anatomy, Magic for Non-Humanoids)
Tenure New
Stayathia is one of the newest instructors on the Carramba Campus, and is still getting used to the location. She does really enjoy the company of the other dragons, and their riders. Perhaps some day she'll try finding a friend among them, to bond or merely hang out with. For now, she is having fun showing off her shapeshifting ability (so many different breeds, so little time to get into detail!).
Smarts/GM 5
Drive 0
Looks 4
Cool/Mouth 4
Bonk 9
PowersPsionics (telepathy)
Dragon-Dragon Spectrum Shifting
Fire Magic
Shadow Magic
Vocal Speech
Clusters Targeting/Accuracy +3
Skills Flight +3
Aerial Navigation +3
Shadowstep +3
Knacks Sniff Out Sweets +4
Pick up Mental Conversation +2
Icky Internal Stuff +2
Soap Opera Memorization +1
Period Class Taught (pending full inclusion)
1Magic for Non-Humanoids
2(no classes)
3Comparative Draconic Anatomy
4Advanced Shadow Magic
5Comparative Draconic Anatomy
6Advanced Shadow Magic
7Comparative Draconic Anadomy
8Magic For Non-Humanoids

Gender: Female
Type: Green-Cream-White
Size: 4.2m at the shoulder

Notably this dragon is a grandchild of Daritonliath; parents are Ganeen and Veretus, who also have more offspring among the Rookery and Protectorate made by Lethe