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Age: ?

Possibly male, might be something else...

Location in Mall: Underground and in the darks below the buildings.

Found occasionally when the night is quiet and the setting is peaceful, the Creepies (there are more than one of them but this one is in our spotlight) are the victims of experiments done in the nearby biotech park. Escapees or perhaps they were seeded into the Mall to see what might happen, by their creators, the Creepies seem to have been human at one point. Perhaps a generation ago.

With hard skin and no need to wear clothing, and the ability to eat darn near anything that comes near it, Creepie is a dangerous, unpredictable member of the Mall Crawlers. But this one is a little friendlier and will actually eat with a fork if he's given one. Though he doesn't seem like he could be, he is pretty sedate and pleasant company - when there are more than one human present. One on one? No one knows - Creepie is a little scary for that.

Creepie wants to be accepted but has trouble with his appearance and his slurred, hard to understand speech. He can speak English, but mostly he gives off rumbling growls, hisses, chirps and other such noises. He's quite colorful in terms of sounds. Everyone knows when Creepie is around, because he likes to give a little whistling tune when he arrives above ground.

He slips back underground at dawn. No one really knows if it's because he can't stand the light, or he's just chosen to be a nocturnal person. He also actually wants to learn to read and write. If he could do that he might be able to become more accepted by the rest of the Mall. Unfortunately, the teachers present at the educational store are a little too easily freaked out by him and his companions.


With wide eyes like his companions, Creepie, Fix and Shiner arrived at the Ring of Fire aboard a large brown dragon. There they remained, for a number of weeks. Creepie slipped away into the depths of the beautiful volcano that had become their temporary home - he watched.

Creepie wasn't stupid. He wandered through the low, narrow areas between rooms, where the volcanic obsidian walls shone with little light. He watched the dragons on the sands, frequently. His friends from the Mall would occasionally call for him, and he'd show up if the food smelled good.

It often did. But what he liked more was that the dragons ate their meat raw, and he could definitely get his mind around that. There was going to be a party, and he really - really wanted to go. He wasn't sure. People still ran from him, especially the little ones. But some didn't and now was a good time for strange things like him to roam the halls: it was Halloween after all, and he fit right in!

But he wasn't going to be able to attend that party, at least not just yet. It wasn't a loss - no one was going to it, because the hatching sands had come alive and were now showing hatchlings!

It was still rather light outside, and Creepie's internal clock just wouldn't let him wander around when that big hot ball of light was up in the sky. The white dragoness Faith announced him, it was cute.

He whistled off a little tune, something he might have heard while in the clutches of the scientists in his early childhood. But then he heard another sound - his chirp was echoed. He perked up, looking to and fro until he saw a cute black dragon rushing toward him. He had feathered wings, a lovely feature on a dragon indeed. Creepie whistled and smiled - scaring some nearby people with his appearance, and hugged the dragon.

In his mind, something wonderful had happened. Daritonliath had told him everything he wanted to hear: that he was his own special bond, that he would never leave, and that he really wanted to see this Mall thing.

The others watched and waved, and when the time was right, eventually, Dari and Creepie came out every evening to practice their flight, he his speech, and get the general idea of relaxing down.

Name: Daritonliath
Bond: Creepie
Gender: Male
Style: Sunset Bellied
Breed: Unknown/Ryslen
Colors: Black, red, sunset
Adult Size: Small
Abilities: Fire Magic

Bonded at Ring of Fire

Has been bred several times, including with Chiroptidae Desmodus (F3 and F3Redux CHIDAR)