Name Crimson
Gender Female
Homeworld Aperture Labs
Class Junior
Nut Not
Totem none
Smarts 6
Bod/Feet 6
Luck 5
Drive 3
Looks 6
Cool 6
Bonk 4
Powers Telepathy
Teleportation (line of sight)
Pheremone Production
Empathy/Emotion Control
Clusters Seduction +3
Skills Sway +4
Act Coy and Sweet +2
Find Weak Spots +2
Knacks Hairstyle +3
Never Smells Bad +2
1 Fashion Tech / Phoenix
2 Journalism / Leland
3 Locals History / Prescott
4 Advanced Interrogation / V. Sanger
5 Martial Arts-Fashion / Carver
6 Logical Thinking / Farber
7 Health For Noobs / Virus
8 Tea Ceremony / McPanda


Rottie (f)

Dragon Name: Besi Chxalli
Gender: Female
Color: Iron
Parents: Henshuth x Na Chxalli
Abilities: Psionics (Telepathy, Teleportation, Telekinesis), Shifting (Unlimited), Balance Control, Bilocation, Fire Affinity, Fire Control, Light Affinity, Light Control, Natural Immortality, Regeneration, Shadow Magic, Spirit Force, Temperature Control, Vocal Speech
Size: Variable
From: Valley of the Sky
Offspring: helped to produce Voy'urr
Relatives: cousins to the Chxalli-Mai clutch
Family Rosalind Kim daughter with Teddie Kim
Alastor son with Alorel


Sleek and tall, Crimson was the social butterfly of the sisters, straight from the start. Eager and intense, demanding but at the same time able to temper her own desires with those of the group. Thus, she was able to infiltrate social groups easily, and doing so at Carramba had been the biggest pleasure of her short life.

The only thing she somewhat resents is that her true work must wait until there are social groups to infiltrate. Their homeworld has none - there's no need, as people are either Humans or Combines and pretty much nothing else. She doesn't qualify the Vortigaunts as a group to conquer, since they are allies already and share whatever they need to with the girls. She actually feels that they're a bit of a letdown - in a way, they could be her biggest challenge, but instead they simply defer to their Human companions in almost every way.

Not that she'd like to fight them, certainly not on their own terms! Though she's a strong telepath and an excellent manipulator of emotions, the Vortigaunts were so different in their outlook that Crimson often has difficulty dealing with them.

As such, she'd much rather concentrate on Human interaction - and Carramba once more comes through there. Even though not everyone at the school was human!

Though she focused on colorful interactions - Fashion Tech, Journalism and Martial Arts For The Fashion Conscious - there was much more subtlty involved in choosing her classes, and Crimson should not be judged by them alone. Crimson certainly did enjoy all those classes, Journalism perhaps the most because she could use it to extract information in a context, instead of merely as chitchat. When things got out of hand, Martial Arts would allow her to maintain her dignity as well as the continuity of her skin. And over that skin, naturally, only the best in fashion!

She truly enjoyed the Tea Ceremony and afterschool club sponsored by Rich McPanda. The structure and confines of the ceremony, she felt, were offset by the relaxation and calming influence of the tea, the surroundings, and the conversation afterward.

Crimson concentrated on the Locals History class in order to get in on nearby politics, social systems and the like. While the individual subjects might not have been all that interesting to her (which gang had what turf, when did the sports arena get built), she could tuck those bits away and drop them in conversation as though it was the highest thing on her mind.

Likewise with Crazy Doc Sanger's Interrogation class, he knew that she would be able to use every ounce of her beauty and pheremone powers, as well as her emotion control, to aid in any questioning she had to do. In fact, half the class volunteered to be her subject. >_> like that's a surprise.

Never let it be said though that Crimson was only a physical girl. Her Logical Thinking class offered her the opportunity to get into long discussions about the hows-and-whys of what she had to go through in her own world. It perhaps gave her the insight into the Combine's thought process that had been missing from the group of girls: what they did was logical, just not agreeable.

And then there was the Health For Noobs class. Virus perhaps was her favorite teacher. He was handsome but not quite as scary as Doc Sanger, not as floofy as Janto Phoenix, and thankfully not nearly as rotund (or furry) as McPanda. Virus inspired her to be aggressive when she spotted a diseased mind - which struck her as odd, but then she also realized that almost everyone in his class was infected with something from him now and again. It was in his nature, after all he was exactly as much of a constructed Human as she was.

All of these things left her a little lost though. It wasn't enough that she could be a spy - she just needed the right location and target. Every once ina while, however, one of the other professors would tap her for discovering what another class was doing, what went on during a particular meeting, generally gathering the gossip for the teachers and staff. It was fun, and on more than one occasion she came quite close to getting in trouble. But wasn't that part of the thrill?


It was no big surprise that Crimson was checking out the sleek, long, black triowing Danachian dragon that was paired to professor Hoarfrost. How good would she look on something like that?! Not necessarily one with all those wings, but still, she noticed how attentive the dragon was, and that he had a magical device that allowed him to shift his size. That was clever! But she doubted it would work on her home world. Perhaps something more mechanical, or better yet... a dragon that could do that all by itself?

The solution to her desire for a dragon was brought oddly enough in the form of Virus actually contacting her about it.

"She's had an ... interesting liason with a dragon on another world," Virus said of his beautiful glowing female Henshuth, who puffed up at the mention. "And there are numerous offspring. I suspect that one might suit you."

It was true, for as soon as Crimson was deposited on the grounds of this... unusual place (which apparently was a dragonry of some kind, though she wasn't sure at all that this sort of dragon would belong here for very long!) she saw the glowing, fiery hatchlings and their brilliant sire. Henshuth's inner glow was duplicated in her offspring, and their incredibly gorgeous wings came clearly from their sire.

It took very little time for one sleek looking female to choose Crimson to be her companion.

I will learn what you need me to, and I will surprise you, my friend. She bespoke, her voice warm and molten.

When Besi came back to Carramba she was welcomed by anyone with a dragon, and many without. Over a short time, she understood the layout of the school, the dorms, the surroundings... It wasn't even the end of the school year when she'd mastered flight. She was yet still too small for Crimson to ride, however that suited both of them fine. Distant eyes (four of them!) and ears could serve far better than this dragon being a mere mount!

By the time they'd be heading home, Besi had learned much from the instructors, their dragons, other people... She could shapeshift, move her size from quite large down to almost dog-sized... all the while practicing with her light, fire, and shadow. When she finally did fly with Crimson upon her back, it was a moment of impossible joy for both.

The seriousness of Crimson's home world's situation wasn't lost on this glowing dragoness, but for the moment... They were free in the skies, and nothing could catch them!