Name: Fantell

Gender: Female, lovely

Age/DOB: aged to perfection RY5

Origin: Repurposed Earth but brought directly to Rookery

Family: All ELLs are her family, and wouldn't you love to hear about them? Son Fabian with ... Keenan?

Other: She is probably the most mysterious ELL ever made, and she keeps up appearances, surrounded by bizarre wildlife that will protect her and do her bidding

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 100ish* Icarus probably has shifted things around, she's nicely curvy and not at all gangly like many ELLs

Hair: dark brown, with copper highlights, silky and straight, often under very stylish exotic hats or scarves, kept short, but when she has it long she can do it up in gorgeous braids and complicated styles; notably sometimes she'll go to work with short hair and come out with it halfway to her waist...

Eyes: deep blue, large and sweetly cheery

Appearance: strongly tanned skin which bronzes in sunlight, with a heart shaped face; somewhat shorter and more conventionally curvy than most ELLs and it's all muscle under a pleasant padding, don't be fooled. She wears the fruits of her work, colorful silk garments that she dyes by hand; she always has at least one or two small creatures around her, though they never seem to poop or shed on her at all

Genetic Abilities: As all ELLs that have had Icarus treatments, Fantell is gifted with active Vortal use in terms of contacting her siblings, and knowing where to be when she's needed. She also seems to have a strong animal-attraction going, as creatures large or small obey her as though she's their pack leader, mother, or even their idol. This command is gentle, she will not openly send creatures out to die for her - but they may become injured on her behalf, since they do defend her like a prize. This power seems to be passive, though she can 'activate' it in times of need if a strange creature rushes up. Mostly it works on its own, leaving her to her business instead of requiring her attention. Animals that she has Vortally brushed up against will more eagerly accept other commands, Jaime's been running a few of them by her to see how it all works. Given some of her strange quirky abilities to find things and be places, as well as 'always be done' with work that's clearly difficult and time consuming, Lane has wondered openly whether she produces her own Vortal construct, or can somehow 'summon' items to herself - both of those are things he knows how to do, but she's never gotten any kind of training...

Image Credits: Doll Divine / meiker AoDai | VelenieAdopts

Icarus Processing: Yes, while she was being made in the lab; the treatment appears to have given her sense of touch and smell, sight, and probably taste a huge boost for detail, memory, and dexterity. She can feel individual silk strands and identify dyes by their smell... Also she may be faster than most, but she never seems worn out or ruffled from running.
Skills or Profession: though she's got the whole 'mysterious anime girl' thing going, really she's a dye maker and silk weaver. She has extraordinary skill in finding pigment sources, and an eye for perfect fitting patterns and color schemes, as well as tailoring to fit virtually anyone in colors they don't expect- but still look wonderful in. She also is quite adept at taking care of those animals that flock to her, as well as making tea that rivals the best found in the Grounds.
Personality: demure and sweet, but it always seems like there's something she isn't telling you. Not bad secrets, not deadly ones, but just... 'wouldn't you like to know'. And it's likely true, because she does hide things around the Bayou house for others to find unexpectedly. Both amusing bits of history (little action figures with a word balloon taped to it saying 'it's a trap!') and more personal items (your lost bracelet that wasn't even anywhere near the Rookery when you last saw it how could this even be here?) seem to show up when she is around anyone for a day or so. And though she clearly gets a lot of weaving and dyeing done, no one really ever sees her doing it.

Events or History: Eli would like to say that she reminds him of Azian, but she doesn't - maybe in appearance, at most. But she has been welcomed to his family home eagerly, as her trade and craft seem to work very well with the mood of the place. There are usually long rolls of silk from Solaris and other Silkwings, as well as recently-gathered silkworm cocoons, bushels of cotton and collected fur or wool (she loves getting fur from those gorgeous Icarian Draks with the long hair!), buckets with strange smelling dyes and powders, bottles with bugs and alien creatures, plants, sloshy goop, flowers, and magazine clippings for references in her nearby shack. She works in one spot, and goes back to the main house when finished, but she's always around for greeting visitors or serving tea. Even Lane admits that her tea is at least as good as the coffee he prefers, as he and Eli chat or play checkers. The only time she has ever been ruffled is if one of her little pet creatures (not the gross ones, well, some of them too) gets hurt or killed. She clearly feels their distress, but often isn't near them to help out. Woe betide anyone that actually harms one of them in her presence.

Resides full time at the Bayou Homestead, with Solaris being one of the main providers for her silks, though they have made brief appearances in the Mansion and Grounds to help plant and harvest mulberry plants - which are used for silk worms to gather conventionally-created silk - as well as the flax, hemp, cotton, and other such plants that she's subtly hinted to Lane that she needs for this work. Her "shack" is visibly a small wood and thatch hut, with things dangling from its exterior, but it has no windows and only one door... and does in fact lead to her Vortal workshop. If she doesn't open the door, it's a small storage shed with all the above things and then some tools, loom equipment and the like. If she does open it... It is a large light-slate-grey colored area with extremely indistinct 'walls' around 200 meters across, nebulous 'light in sky' above, and a slick but not slippery floor that does not echo when walked on. In it, there are stacks and stacks of colored threads, and three large looms, not unlike the textile mill's arrangement over by the Grounds. It is here that she does all the actual work of putting patterns into loom slots, weaving silk, cotton, flax, wool, and hemp into cloth of various types, selecting colors and dyes, doing the dye work itself, and finally stations to cut and tailor individual pieces. Lane did come into this room purely by accident - while she was working, and apologized for the intrusion, but also marveled at the complexity of space she'd created without a hint of training for it. He did make note that time's passage here was less than 2% of outside influence, which is nearly as slow as his own (which seems to be about 0.5%), and as such she can do weeks worth of work in mere hours.


Name: Solaris
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-Small 8'6" s / 50' l / 50' and 30' ws
Colors: face, underbelly from chin to mid-tail cream to near-white on feet; frame armor grades from butter yellow to golden orange, most orange on forelegs, most yellow on tail; central armor stronger orange-gold on neck and limbs, lighter toward tail and hind legs, wing arms; upper armor and dorsal inserts brightly yellow with red on neck/body and tail; wingsails butterfly marked with brilliant sunny yellow framing golden yellow to strong orange; spines and claws dark graphite; eyes multicolored red through yellow-green
Features: Pure Silkwing
Powers: Winged Flight, a beautiful butterfly that seems as light in the air as any monarch, but with a powerful wing beat that can actually take her across a mile in moments. When she means business, just stay out of her way. She can carry around 3 human-sized weights, and has a specific harness for such work, usually suited up with plenty of gathered textiles and materials. Normally she can roost on any given tree, branch, outcrop, or even industrial tower without damaging it, but if she has to speed away from it with that power boost it will often shake or break as she leaves.
Communication, gifted with a light, musical voice that hardly anyone has ever heard. Solaris sings more than she speaks, but don't mistake this habit for being fluff headed or oblivious. She prefers to listen and wait before speaking, and has heard quite a bit that she will never relay. She obviously understands English, Draconic, Vortigese, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish with equal comprehension, though she can speak only Draconic (not much), English, and Korean with ease. She and her human have a particularly tight Vortal bond, but no other communication than knowing where they are.
Silk Production, as is obvious for a dragon that attends the best silk cloth maker in the Rookery, Solaris is a master at creating individual types of silk from her wrist glands. She has examined the different kinds of cloth that these Humans have around, even synthetic and heavy duty materials, and can emulate them to a great degree. The knotty and slightly uneven wool from sheep and goats, the heavy texture of hemp, even the thick and stiff fiber of bamboo is hers to recreate in small amounts. Her thickest work can be equated to a kevlar substance, as if it's in liquid form, while her thinnest is as fine as spider-silk and strong as steel, while being as soft as, well, silk. The one thing she does not do with her silk is make it sticky - that's for the guardians and attakers, not for crafters like herself and Fantell. The sheer volume of silk that she's produced, as well as experiments with other types of material emulation, is what is stored in that Vortal construct. Also, yes, there's a second entrance to it, fit for Solaris, and only she knows how to open that door. Also of note: she has invited Wilson to visit that location, because she and Fantell know he's the one to look for new textures and colors, and he's the one who keeps finding those fashion magazines...
Parentage: Unknown pure Silkwings; she is the mother of Portal, and it's extremely likely that not only did she lay that egg in the Vortal construct, it infused unusual properties into that egg!
Origin: Adopted from FurryGamer2003, Art by MooncrestNecrozma; WoF by Tui Sutherland
Other Info: Speaking of fashion magazines, Solaris actually wants to produce something for her dragon peers, both in terms of fashions for them (they do occasionally put up veils and shrouds, leggings and the like) as well as a distributed magazine showing off their beautiful styles. Though she speaks little, she's never short of ideas.

Notably, after coming to this place and hanging out a while, Solaris has been smitten with an 'old world' dragon named Oanneth - who brings her things, and helps her and her bond out with bringing bright dyes and items which can be broken down into pigments. It is no surprise, then, that also that dragon comes with his rider, Joshua... And he and Fantell get along very well! Solaris really enjoys the company that Oanneth gives. Plus all the little gifties? The Bayou is now littered with such things, draped over branches like vines, only they're silk, and dotted with fancy brass doodads and shiny crystal pieces from shattered chandeliers discovered on jaunts. Of course: the pair of dragons met while in Fantell's Construct. The dragon had the audacity to show up there on his own? Impressed by his ability as well as confidence, it's really only a matter of time before the pair settle into a nice routine... and maybe raise some eggs. Maybe, maybe, with Fantell and Josh as proud parents as well some day.