Name: Fabian Lane

Gender: Male, he/they, gently bi

Age/DOB: ~17, aged...ish, RY 9

Origin: Rookery born to Convocation and Repurposed-based; Currently centered at the Bayou, but resides part time in the Rookery or wherever he feels like, since he can move between places easily

Family: Mother Fantell, father Keenan Lane; has an extensive family tree

Other: few people knew that he even existed until he showed up at the Rookery interested in learning about dragons. That's basically because he spent the first years of his life in Fantell's (or Keenan's) constructs outside of time. He has strong connections to the Convocation's side of things and hangs out with a good number of his half-siblings

Height: 5'10" though he looks much taller than he is thanks to being long and lean

Weight: 120? He's muscular and pretty strong and though no one admits that he's had Icarus treatments it sure seems like he has because no one this size is that weight

Hair: shiny black, with faintly metallic undertones, though not brown in any way like his mother's; thick and fluffy, and often quite stylish with his mother's silks as well as gels and nicely cut, usually short

Eyes: brightly teal, larger and rounder than either of his parents seem to look

Appearance: tanned skin that is golden in the sun, with flawless looks and elegantly shaped lips; he knows he looks good, and isn't afraid to use that to his advantage. Tends toward simple but well tailored outfits with only a splash of color. He tends to smell a tiny bit of chemicals from the looms, and sometimes counters that with cinnamon and vanilla. He has a deep, slightly gravelly voice but a big vocabulary that may surprise folks that think he's just 'a fashion kid'.

Icarus Processing: Technically no? But there is every indication that he has, it's just that not even Melissa admits to having done it - it's possible that Carmen or one of the others who has expertise with the machinery did it and then was intended to forget? But it definitely reduced his weight and improved his reflexes and overall health and strength, and more than likely also aided in cementing his Vortal powers from his father's side because he's quite strong. He is effectively immortal, more due to his genetics than this processing, but it may also have had an effect.

Image Credits: meiker Identity Vogue

Genetic Abilities: intensely Vortal and focused, Fabian is able to communicate at great distances with any of his genetic relatives including all ELLs and all of Keenan's variety (even if they're not his version), and easily senses when they are within 10 miles of him. He can exert a very strong emotion control, memory searching and alteration, and sensing individual as well as group emotion levels. He can alter the memories of normal humans or low-level Vortal folk (those with minor or localized abilities) at 200 meters, so he is rarely spotted before he wants to be seen even in a crowded area. It's in this manner that he is typically 'stealthy', though he also has numerous other forms of it - not the least of which is close range or multidimensional teleportation. He watched some of the local flitters and copied them as a child, he was curious where they went when they were startled. So... he knows between and the Void, as well as his own Vortal space. Fabian moves like sparkling lights from a dance hall, or flickers of embers over oil - he will be in one spot and then another in a different pose, seeming like still photos played in quick succession, and not a ruffle or coat tail out of place when he stops. Like his father, he is all about the motion, but like his mother, he has a steady sense of time and place, and creates those at will. Fabian is able to slow time to a near halt, passing less than 1% of real while in close proximity, and less than 5% within about 100 meters of him if he really concentrates. He can construct Vortal locations with ease, though he likes smaller and more 'room-like' places rather than anything more expansive than a few hundred square feet each. In this manner he can preserve images and memories as though photographed or recorded, straight out of either his own perception or that of others. All these things sound quite nice, but he also has a strong commanding streak, that applies to both humanoids and draconic or animal minds. His mother has always been sensitive to the flitters and creatures that flock around her, and for him it's much more focused and active. He does tend to concentrate more on non-local life, so Xenian creatures, animals or dragons that have come through a variety of portals, or even full sized dragons - even if they are already bonded to another person, he can slip in and offer suggestions for action, or wrest full control if needed. He can and does practice with Paxton, not that the dragons don't also participate... They have been brought under Paxton's command certainly, but most of them also know that their human is their 'second' partner - so they offer both men the other side of the experience, which Fabian takes to heart. He understands how a dragon listens to their bond or others around them, and picks up on the quick, subtle, and usually-species-only conversations between Pernese dragons. One thing he cannot seem to do is break through Combine psionics - they operate at a frequency that is not Vortal, and more electrically induced, and while his father is quite good with electrical sources, Fabian is not.
Skills or Profession: He's been trained by both of his parents, Fantell has shown him how to be fashionable and graceful, and Keenan offers much for his Vortal powers and hones them by practicing teleportation, time-freezing, and the like. He can't really be said to have a 'profession', since the Rookery isn't exactly fit for a fashion model or that kind of fluff just yet (wait for a few years, when North Aperture gears up and families move back in, then he'll start looking pretty for everyone's benefit). But Fabian does have exceptional knowledge of animals, textiles, architecture, and material physics. He knows where to teleport and land, including on power lines, narrow ledges, the tops of weather vanes, and right behind you. His mental maps are amazing, which is how he manages to reproduce a tiny portion of someone's memories in a 10x10 Vortal room only having seen it for a split-second. He joins Javi, JJ, and their dad Jamie in coersing lesser-minded animals into or out of areas, and you have not seen someone herd cats like this guy. The folk at the Grounds think he'd make an excellent ring master for their carnival, really, but he is less colorful than they'd like.

Personality: Though quiet and apparently unassuming, he is always watching, always listening in both audibly and Vortally to the sounds and minds around him - waiting for interesting ideas, careless words, or dangers. He listens to trends and if he notices a lot of refugees speaking in hushed tones about a 'scary spot' he'll investigate; or equally, if they are excited about a place, he'll look up whether it's worth plundering or expanding. And though he doesn't make a big deal of it, his primary concern is that of both of his parents: the good of the people of the Rookery, and their future. He isn't as cavalier in his approach to 'protecting' as Peregrine or Amon are, but he is absolutely on their level of ability, which means at some point those fascinating dragons he's always been able to command or suggest, will likely turn to him as their closest friend.

Events or History: Always an opportunist, Keenan Lane discovered that Fantell, an ELL working a silk production and cloth house in the Bayou near the Rookery, had an exceptional ability well above her sisters. When he accidentally came across her working on a silk project in her own Vortal construct, a place that doesn't exist unless she wills it to be there, he was duly impressed. One might not think that a 'simple cloth maker' like her would be bold enough to strike up a conversation with the intimidating older-looking man, but she like almost all the ELLs around could hold her own with him. She keeps secrets, he keeps his own, and between the two of them no one was even slightly aware that they'd snuck off together for a while, moving between her 'loom' construct and any of his own locations. Because for sure, the first time someone saw a child of around 7 or 8 years of age around Fantell, they had no idea it was hers, let alone his. He's still young, definitely not 'seventeen' as he passes himself off as, chronologically he's maybe 9? Fabian lived with glimpses into other realms for the first four or five 'years' - years that passed in literally days outside those constructs.

Fantell allowed the locals to believe she was just 'taking care' of someone else's child, but obviously after a while that wasn't practical. Fabian understands the need for this deception, but at the same time he also knows all his relatives are watching with interest what their newest little brother will do with himself.

What he will do with himself is more bold by far than the colorful scarves he often wears to contrast with the sedate black and white theme he's usually got on. With the addition of the Nexus dragons visiting, word spreads quickly - and he is among the few humans who can listen in to the dragons rapid mental speech. Where, when? Places that host dragons, unusual ones, catch his fancy. He's watched numerous hatchings, even if neither of his folks or anyone else knew he was there. So Fabian has seen how dragon parents behave, how candidates are moved around in different locales, how eggs are cared for, how hatchings are run and recorded.

He has also seen how they are interrupted on the regular by things - storms, invading demon hoards, the Death Court, and even occasionally ... at least on the Rookery world, by the Combine. He's visited with the dragons that had been captured by the Combine, and far from just pitying them as most do, he dug a little deeper into their memories. He asked first, of course, but it was still painful for them to revisit those terrible days - just memories, they cannot hurt any more... but they do hurt.

And that made Fabian angry. He sometimes seems much more mature than a teenager or young adult, he seems weary, when he looks at refugees that have had to scurry from ruin to wreckage and finally be rescued by dragon-riders from the Rookery. He gets anxious and edged when dragons are involved before they're found by local folks - sometimes they still portal in randomly around the world, and woe to those that the Combine acquire. He would do anything to prevent that from happening ever again, and the best way to do that is to destroy the Combine entirely. This planet will eventually be free from them, so have pledged many here, including his father. But how can they manage to clean up an entire world when they're hardly two thousand strong? If there is one thing Fabian knows, it's that the world is a much bigger place than just the New Mexico desert and some isolated pockets of heavily guarded settlements. He admires how well Paxton works - but Fabian doesn't have replica clones of himself, and cannot literally ride an entire wing of dragons into battle himself. Maybe there is another way. Maybe there's somewhere or some clutch that suits this specific need. There will be others, of course, but he's on the lookout for something very, very particular to combat the Combine where they have taken residence.


Name: Malotsz (MAWL oh tshuh)
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: Large, when solid after feeding for a time, typically 10' hip / 40'+lots of tail long / 36' ws
Colors: Black Orange; body and upper limbs shiny violet-tinted graphite black, with rust orange hind feet, shiny orange belly armor; beak steely grey; wing and tail 'feathers' sunset red-orange and inky black shadow; mane rich black shadow; horns and claws black; eyes glowing yellow
Features: True Shadowling of Destruction, bipedal wyvern limbed with two legs having 3 taloned feet, forelimbs are smoke-like feathered-adjacent wings and two long wing accents above tail, thick long tail with smoke-feather plumes; belly has plated armor from chin to upper tail; head is sharply predatory with beak, and paired short back-pointing horns on either side of eyes, top of head and neck has solid shadow mane; eyes glow
Powers: Winged Flight - a master of the air, this dragon all but doesn't even need wings to actually maneuver through it. As if suspended by magic he can hover indefinitely even if his tail and legs start to 'droop' toward the ground. While he's not remarkably fast he can cover a lot of ground in a reasonable time, and provided he gets to eat at the end of a zippy journey so much the better. If he carries anything, it's a rare moment, but obviously he's quite big and strong. Fabian isn't stupid enough to ask to be carried. He can move himself, thanks...
Teleportation - anywhere there is a shadow, Malotsz can appear, generally this is line of sight but he knows where to look for them even at a very great distance
Communication - Malotsz communicates verbally only with his 'friend' Fabian though this is by choice, he can speak with others, he just won't; Telepathy is his preferred method to ping other dragons, and some of Fabian's companions, mostly to ask 'where is the food'... They eagerly answer, of course tempered by 'try not to kill too many friendlies'; his range for this power is over 50 miles, and his mental voice is... very very chilling, not the comfortable darkness of the Void (if endless oblivion could be considered comfortable), his dark tone is always slightly moving, juddery, never felt from exactly the same spot moment to moment
Destruction-Feeding, Destruction Powers - as all his kin, Malotsz consumes grief, anger, chaos, sorrow, in a word 'destructive energy'; the life forces of those affected by such emotions sustain him and have made him quite strong. Fabian has insisted that they pace themselves, because attracting too much Combine attention at once might mean the end of the Resistance. He can actively instill terror in living things, even things which are controlled by a central Overwatch like the combine soldiers and creatures, scaring them literally to death is his delight; and bringing down their Citadels is one of his favorite treats. He basks in the glow of those ruins, but there are also dozens if not hundreds of other hot spots in the surrounding area to handle his daily hunger needs
Insubstantial Form, Shapeshifting - Fabian understands how an energy being can exist, his father being one of them with a body on. Shape and size are mostly irrelevant, but Malotsz prefers that smoke-winged and fancy-tailed style shown over others; He has been known to drift directly through solid walls, though he does have a little bit of trouble with some off-world Combine metals and force fields with very strong power supplies.
Parentage: Fantredala and Wuneltszou
Origin: Abstract Destiny clutch
Other Info: (from hatching blurb) Malotsz was another one whose hunger verged on endless and uncontrollable. His parents had found -- been found by -- a young man with both powers enough to enforce the control that was necessary, and a world ripe to be fed from. In the care of Fabian Lane , Malotsz's parents were quite sure that he would grow to his full size in very short order. Their child didn't have to be emotionally invested in any reasons for fighting back against the Combine. All he needed was to make them his prey.
Personality: Cold and calculating, Malotsz is a predator given sapience and an endless hunger. Though he very much has the power to brute-force his way through most of the threats that life could throw in his way, one of his saving graces is that he is very conservative of his energies. He destroys endlessly, but thoughtfully. The less energy he expends, the less keen the sharp edge of his hunger, so his mind is continually problem-solving the ways to feed as efficiently as possible. This is a shadowling who will lie in wait to ambush any meals that have the ability to fight back -- at least unless his hunger grows too great and drives him to carelessness.