Name: Ruby Lane, Ksaala Vahh, the Bold Link into Mystery

Gender: Female

Age/DOB: 15, variable (see below), body conceived on Repurposed Earth around 2014, in storage until 2030ish; spirit conceived on Dimension X 2027

Origin: Ruby is both Repurposed and some indistinct other dimension's Enrichment Center, see below

Family: Mother* Melissa Larrabie and father* Keenan Lane - neither of them from Repurposed Earth, in a body that does come from them; adopted locally

Other: Ruby is difficult to pin down for where she 'belongs', she is the Convocation's newest in most dimensions, however that's by virtue of Melissa and Keenan accidentally producing a fully viable lih that didn't want to inhabit a kallah, in other words, a spirit without body. In the Repurposed world, that Ruby is still bodiless and wandering with the stars - but in this other dimension briefly contacted, this version was quite curious about being 'alive'

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 150ish, slender, muscular and fit

Hair: medium brown with both dark strands and golden-auburn highlights, curly but not tightly so, usually kept away from face with a tie and often past shoulders, quite full, marked widows peak

Eyes: brilliantly green, occasionally shot with yellowish hazel but only with power use, aura is the same color but also only shows when powers are being used

Appearance: light skinned with freckles and a good amount of dusty scrapes, while she can heal herself it's conscious so in her exploration she gathers a lot of cuts before bothering to fix them; almost always wide-eyed and taking everything in, seems to be oblivious to temperature or surrounding dangers and generally wears as shown; looks much more delicate than she is

Icarus Processing: Yes, at age 3 as most Pantheon or appropriate children have - this provided Ruby with a 'more solid' Vortal grounding even after having been born, and does not change any of her powers in any way; it allows her to remain in the body at will, rather than occasionally... well, leaking out of it Vortally. At that time, she declined to be aged artificially, though it was offered.

Image Credits: DollDivine Princess

Genetic Abilities: Because she is effectively Convocation "plus", Ruby is able to utilize most of her telepathic and empathic abilities far better than most human-born Pantheon. She is a powerful empath, able to sense emotion of those within several miles, and at close range can strongly manipulate them, doing so only as a last resort. Her telepathic communication range is 'all of it', provided she knows where the recieving individuals are she can communicate with them around the planet. She is curious about these 'dreams' that she senses in people while they sleep, and has visited numerous dreaming minds to observe. Keenan will eventually have to instruct her on their creative uses... She has an incredibly powerful mind, and because she is Melissa's daughter (no matter what dimension) she has effectively an infinite capacity to store memories. She does this compulsively, tasking herself to understand people, the surroundings, everything she can take in, and tucks it away 'somewhere'. It's possible that she has her own version of Paxton's Sanctuary in her own mind, as a Vortal construct (and if she does, she will have visitors in the form of Keenan and whoever else needs to tap those memories). Ruby can sense Vortal auras around any living thing, as well as any item which someone has shaped or modified using their powers, including magic or other psychic powers than qualify as 'Vortal', and can spot connections between the physical and Vortal (she can tell who shaped something, when). However, she is limited in the use of 'matter shaping', while she can to a small extent affect items that have already been Vortally manipulated, Ruby is more apt to shape her own body than anything else, and only to the extent to 'fix' any bruises or bumps that she acquires during her exploration. She does also have Melissa's genetic modification power, though she has yet to decide if she wants to 'make more babies', understanding her own position in the Pantheon. Like her sire, however, she is a being of energy and can teleport with ease, perhaps too much ease, which is why she was given the Icarus treatment: the first few times she moved out of the body and had to be gently put back. She can move distances up to 100km as long as she knows the area is clear, and can equally easily cast her lih out to check that very thing. Her out-of-body power is effectively unlimited, though she must be reminded to return to the body, as it's kind of important. She can also take with her an incredible amount of matter while teleporting... yes they learned this the hard way, when her crib and changing table up and vanished when she wanted to see 'where momma was'... With concentration, she will be able to help Keenan move entire buildings, but she needs a little more practice and education about how to get all the little bits of electrical lines and sewer hookups reconnected once it's where it needs to be.
Skills or Profession: Given her ability to sense links and remember Vortal effects, Ruby lives up to her name, being able to chime in on planning sessions with 'he can fix that piece of metal, while she works on the stone below it'. Though she has no skill downloads, she seems completely able to learn anything needed for a functional overview. She doesn't care much for hard sciences, 'I'm made of theoretical physics, why would I want to learn that?' Having a body on means she gets to play and run, explore and learn about being alive, and that's where she's concentrating her efforts. She likes playing with clever devices like hinges and pulleys, though she's not really interested in becoming an engineer she can absolutely help out when needed. She also can speak and understand any language that has both verbal and intellectual components, whether it is Vortigese or Vietnamese, the songs of whales or the songs of her half-sister Raven. While she can interpret the humming and vibrations of the Xenian crystals, she will state flat out that they are not 'an intellectual component', and thus are not 'alive' to speak.
Personality: So unlike her Repurposed-dimension counterpart, Ruby is gregarious and curious, and enjoys being alive so much more than merely being. She and Virva, the other Convocation entity that decided to remain with kallah-vahh after his confrontation with them, have a lot in common. They both tend to be wide-eyed and happy, and a touch oblivious to the danger that might be around them. However, Ruby is very much aware that there is danger: her own *actual parents are gone due to that danger. She does not have the same illusion (Keenan calls it deluision) that the rest of the Convocation seems to have regarding 'knowing everything already' - she is absolutely sure that she knows 'nothing at all', and wants to learn. Her love for Keenan and Melissa - and the rest of her blood-relatives on these worlds - is tangible, she will protect them fiercely, knowing that most of the time they're able to defend themselves. She figures that she owes them that much at least, for having done what they have, for her.

Events or History: Ruby is a complicated matter. She exists in any dimension where both Black Mesa and Armacham do (not necessarily Aperture), because her parents are always some form of Nach'lih Kallah-vahh and Melissa Larrabie. She also, in any of those instances, is Convocation - meaning, that she is made of energy and mind, a Vortal entity. The complication of her in this realm however, is that she is not from the Rookery or from the Repurposed Earth dimensions. And yet, she is in body, Repurposed Earth's. Regardless of where she exists, her moment of conception is when she becomes Convocation, not as with Paxton and his later-life expansion into it. This causes a difficult experience for her parents: the heat of passion, Melissa's Vortal power to create 'perfected' offspring, and Keenan's Vortal energy itself combined in a manner not unlike Convocation use to 'breed'. Energies mixing and then boom, there you are. In the Repurposed dimension, Ruby's existence is known by not only her parents but the Convocation, though they don't make much fuss about her there. But she has never expressed any interest in living, leaving a developing embryo without a mind to inhabit it. This was devastating to both Melissa and Keenan, as she basically 'took off' and never came back. They know she's out there... somewhere. But she has not contacted them, even though Keenan occasionally sends out a Vortal 'ping' intended only for her.
Meanwhile: 'Dimension X' is a tangental dimension where specifically that world's Keenan Lane was targeted by his Convocation, for 'crimes against existence' - in this case, literally 'breeding with the natives'. In that dimension, Ruby's very existence is proof of criminal activity according to the Convocation - who, in that universe, for lack of a better description, are much worse than the Combine could ever be. As he often is, Kallah Vahh is a black-sheep, a throwback, and his personality led him to an Earth where he would have been quite happy to just settle and live as long as he could. But mixing his Vortal energies with a physical thing? While the Repurposed (and indeed, the Rookery's) Convocation have much distaste for this act, to Dimension X's Convocation it is so repugnant that they stripped that Lane of his Vortessence and left him bodily to die: a fate which Repurposed's Lane was fully ready to accept on his own world (for considerably different 'crimes' though). They had been about to do the same to Ruby's essence, though hesitated because she hadn't really 'committed a crime' by merely existing... yet.
Because there are several members of the Pantheon now that can do so, and tend to broadcast their findings, Rex had yet another unusual vision of a different dimension (actually coming in the form of Cave Johnson ... somehow) and thus 'our' Keenan sensed this occurring via strong visions of panic and grief - and was compelled to act, because that grief was his. On one hand, he was angry enough that he wanted to challenge that Convocation to give his doppelganger's power back - but on the other, he knew that they outnumbered him and would surely take it out on Ruby. So he made a stand, asked her if she would come with him, which she did, and they took the now-mortal Lane with them back to the Enrichment Center. He was in body, slightly younger than other forms, and not sick and dying... yet. As they'd done with Keenan originally, Melissa and Carmen helped heal his (mostly self-inflicted) wounds and maintain his health, but for this alternate-dimension man, his fight was over. He had to be sequestered in a Vortal construct, because his grief and fear could be easily detected by Teddie and Lynne, as well as any other empath in a two-mile radius. And well they should: he was unable to deal with the loss of his memories and Vortessence. His daughter, however, was still there with him. Her essence lingered, attempting to soothe him, to little effect.
Keenan and Melissa wanted so very much to help him survive, but what they could do was almost as much for themselves as for him and Ruby. Melissa in her rather obsessive way, had kept the embryo of theirs, waiting for their Convocation daughter's return, which both of them knew would simply never happen. And here now, was a Convocation Ruby that did want to live, if for no other reason than to comfort her dying father. (Apparently, on that world, Melissa was not as immortal as this one, and did not survive what their Convocation did to her.) "Live long enough to hold your daughter," one Keenan said to the other, and they agreed.
Thus, ksaala vahh, the confident link to the mystery, was finally able to be implanted back into ... well, her mother, her other-worldly mother, in a body that would become her own over time if not by nature. Clinging on to life for a few years, that Keenan did live long enough to watch his child being born (which for whatever reason, didn't involve the fuss that Melissa normally makes, perhaps it was truly meant to be), and see her become a toddler. However, he was unable to manage the grief of his own losses much longer, even with the support of his double and Melissa. With his overall memory gone and getting worse daily, and a pervading sense that he knew he should have more to remember, he eventually just gave up, a bleak reminder that every war has casualties long after the fighting is over. His quiet and desperate slide into oblivion still twists Keenan's gut, because that could easily have been him. As a side note: Repurposed Keenan did return to that dimension just long enough to broadcast that loss back at an uncaring Convocation - just to spit in their Vortal eye, and never visited there again.
Ruby's mind has always been 'adult', effectively, though she never acted as precociously as might be expected. Around the point that her 'true' father died, was when Melissa asked if she'd like to have the Icarus process done, and she agreed, having wandered too far out of her body more than once and wanting an anchor in the form of that unusual Vortally-active carbon-fiber material. Her adoptive parents continued to raise her, among other siblings and family. Paxton thinks this is still a bit on the weird side - and he's seen some weird shit - but his 'aunt' (... nope they still don't have correct pronouns for this) is a welcome addition to the Pantheon. (He's just unsurprisngly a touch angry about when exactly that body was conceived, because it certainly wasn't when Melissa was an adult.) (Melissa smacks him upside the head and reminds him that it's still none of his goddamn business who she has sex with, nor when.)
As a teenager, she and the group encountered the Rookery, and things have progressed there nicely since that time. She helps out with matching people with tasks, and particularly enjoys getting refugees into their proper groove once settled there. She collects their stories, always asking questions carefully and kindly, to tuck away that information into her library of memories. Having dragons to also query, learn from, and potentially match up with riders or companions, that's magic itself!

In the near 'future', when the Hippies arrive to the Mansion where Ruby and some others were helping fix up, she's part of a crew that will jaunt about the various Dragon Towers, but are still centered in the Mansion itself, y'know, because she's Lane's daughter and all.


Name: Prudence
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: Medium-Small 8' s / 36' l / 41' and 22' ws
Colors*: primarily a dusty slightly mottled rose-pink across most of her body, limbs, and tail; belly scales and backs of limbs is a creamy white; spots along entire body and limbs are usually yellow, can shift; wingsails are butterfly-patterned consisting of brilliant sunset pink, orange, yellow, and fuchsia; cllaws, back ridge, horns, and nubs are all charcoal-black grey, eyes are pale pink
Features: Rainwing / Silkwing hybrid, with four muscular legs, hind quite a bit lower than fore, with 5 and 4 long curved talons including thumb and heel claw, and silk gland production under thumb; four wings, upper are larger and have 3 visible fingers, elbow strut, and short wrist thumb, lower have one visible finger, elbow strut, and a wrist claw; skin is scaled, with large even soft plates on belly from chin to tail tip, tiny scales on body with armor on fronts of limbs and dorsal area of neck, scaled face plates, and has a low dorsal ridge from heada to tail tip; body is long and sinuous, with a very long and strongly prehensile tail; head is angular and sharp, jaw nubs, short nose horn, and two upcurving backswept horns, along with two short antennae, external ears, and finned neck frill; *color shifting scales
Powers: Winged Flight, Prudence is not a strong flier for duration or lifting, but she is adept at complicated maneuvers and speed. She prefers calm weather, but can work with winds to her advantage when she uses her tail and silk to help her move. While she can lift her human friend, perhaps twice that would all but ground her.
Verbal and Visual Communication, while many dragons are quite verbal, and Prudence can speak English and some Vortigese, she prefers to speak carefully worded statements, and punctuates them with color. Her color shifting aids not only in this, but in more full communication with dragons, since her voice is hardly suited to full yelling in Draconic. She does have a close bond with Ruby, though feels a little intimidated when the 'inlaws' come around.
*Color Shifting Communication, as stated, her colors of all scales including wingsails can be consciously shifted. Though she does usually remain in the red, yellow, orange, and white range, she can flash extremely bold versions of all those shades usually with her wingsails, intended to communicate some specific commands or issue warnings. Red obviously means danger, yellow caution, orange tends to mean 'bring an HEV suit', because the one that she is most familiar with is orange... She can subdue her colors into almost entirely washy white, tinted only faintly in the same shades as shown, desaturized into greys, or become one seemingly solid color (usually pink).
Weather and Smell Senses, Prudence has short antennae but they are very keen and able to detect minor changes in temperature, humidity, particles on the air, toxins, or other such dangers, as well as discern specific scents and individuals from those scents. She is known to sit and pose for a while, some people think this is a vanity, but she's more or less testing the air with her antennae, listening carefully, and detecting other dragon colors - all of which allows her to assess a location or person to a superb degree. She can approach a building, and 'listen in' with her ears and antennae, to determine whether it's got a heat source inside, if there are animals disturbing the dust, or even if there are traps and poisons lingering. She lives up to her name, in warning others away with a bright red flash of her wings.
Silk Production, as a Silkwing she can create strands of silk from glands in her forepaws, and hers can be remarkably strong. She likes to use this to effectively 'swing' herself, propelling across rooftops ... She's never heard of Spider-Man, but that's basically how she can accelerate herself when speed is of the essence. These strands drift and fall apart quickly, so she cannot be tracked using those, but she does also have the ability to produce longer lasting strands, for use in traps, binding enemies, or dragging goods.
Parentage: hybrid Rainwing and Silkwing, both parents are also in the Rookery, Starcluster and Gnidiella
Origin: adopted from Moonshimmer981 on Deviantart, Wings of Fire by Tui Sutherland
Other Info: Prudence is very aptly named, and is among the few of her breed to be born directly on Rookery Earth. She almost instantly took a shine to Ruby, who aided her in learning how to communicate and observe with more than just eyes.