Ambrosia has had two incarnations, and has yet to figure out what path to take. She is not a shapeshifter, but she distinctly remembers being smooth-skinned in the past, on a distant planet called Pern.

Original story dates back to the early 00s

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Ambrosia is the only daughter of a moderately placed Guild family. Her father runs a trade center near the coast, taking in ships goods and assigning them to caravans. Ambrosia has watched her father work all her life, and truly enjoys seeing the way things function.

Her mother is somewhat sickly, and Ambrosia hopes that she never reaches the state that she's in. She is a plump girl, but a healthy and attractive one. Her skin is peaches and cream complexion, very smooth and rarely burnt in the sun. Her hair is a deep, chestnut-rust red, with glossy apple-red highlights in the sunlight. Ambrosia's sultry eyes are brilliant blue. Her face is usually seen with a smile, albeit a sly, knowing one.

Having grown up near the sea, she is used to seeing a huge variety of people come and go. Fishermen to gypsies, dragonriders to rich House brats. Her favorite people by far are the dragonriders. She admires the freedom they have to fly across the world and see the sights... But she respects them greatly, their work is so important to keeping life moving!

When Ambrosia came home one late summer afternoon, her mother weakly called for her from her room.

"M-mother? Are you all right?" She said, entering the dark chamber with unease.

"Ambrosia," her mother said, drawing a ragged breath, "I am not well... Your father, he must be working still..."

"He is, but... I can call him in. I will call him, mother. Don't--" She found herself almost saying, 'don't die' but she swallowed it. She bolted out of the hold and ran back to the docks where she knew her father was doing business. Her booted feet nearly slipped on the cobbled dock street, and one of the young seacrafter boys caught her.

"Father--" she gasped, "it is mother, I think--"

The man dropped his happy work-face, and put the bolt of sample cloth that he was dealing with back in its crate. He bellowed out an order for work to continue, but then all but teleported to get to his home.

Ambrosia did not go straight home. Instead, she stopped in at a guild house where she knew a healer resided. He was but a trainee, but he had experience with Ambrosia's mother. They reached the trade captian's home and Ambrosia hesitated before opening the door to her mother's sick room.

She saw her father holding her pale, weak hand, but she heard the woman's ragged breath clearly. It was not a pleasant sound. The healer passed Ambrosia and gave her shoulder a squeeze before entering, but his face was dour.

Ambrosia waited, hearing low voices but not even trying to listen to what they said. When the healer and her father finally came out again, it was well past sunset, and neither of them had a happy look.

Tellar's eyes held tears, as he nodded to Ambrosia. "She's at peace now," he said, before his voice could crack. Ambrosia ran to her father's embrace, while the healer contacted his apprentices to deal with the body.

Ambrosia watched this with a distant ache. When her mother had been wrapped, readied for funeral, Ambrosia pushed her face into her father's chest. It was hard to do, since she was taller than he -- like her mother had been. "Father, I will not die like that," she moaned. "I cannot bear that..."

"You will not, then..." He said. "I'll need assistance keeping the records and work loads clear."

"I can do that," Ambrosia replied, wiping the long stains of tears from her normally cheerful face. "I can keep them well. It comes easy for me."

With half a light of a smile in his sad eyes, then, Tellar said, "then you're going to start earning your keep tomorrow. We've a ship arriving."

It was good work. For two years after her mother had passed away, Ambrosia kept her father's shipping records, did the basic duties that any partner in business would do. They had more than enough gold to hire servants to clean the house and cook, which Ambrosia appreciated. She knew that there were limits to what she could do, and still keep the books correctly.

Tellar came home early one afternoon, with a broad smile on his round face. "Amby, there is someone outside. They're calling for anyone of age."

"Of age for what," she asked, almost flatly. "I'm only seventeen."

"That would be about right," said a man that Ambrosia had not met before. She jumped, as she had been working hard to get the books balanced. He had a rider's jacket on, and knots that said he was a--

"He's here on Search," added Tellar, "and that blue dragon of his outside is too big to be kept waiting!"

"Ahh, Loyeth doesn't take up much space. Don't worry. I'm Tr'yan and yes, a search rider from Calyeni Caverns."

Ambrosia put down her quill, closed the record book, and gave her father a look asking his permission. The grin on his face was enough.

There were others outside, mostly boys since this was mainly a sea-faring town and needed good strong young men to work. There were one or two other girls. But none of them were sniffed at as much by the blue dragon, as Ambrosia was.

"Well, he says that you're the one he was sniffing for. Would you like to stand on our sands? There is a very special clutch there right now." Tr'yan announced, as the other young people, disappointed, turned back to their work.

Excited suddenly, Ambrosia's eyes lit up, then her face fell. She turned to her father. "But, who will do your books? And make sure you get your rest?"

"Ah, Amby, let me worry about that. You said that you wouldn't want to stagnate in your life, not the way Ameret did..." His mention of her mother drew a sad look to Ambrosia's face for a moment. But he continued. "This life killed her, Amby. I was born to it, but you ... You have a choice. Take it." He hugged her, arms strong as ever, but with a sigh in his chest.

"Oh father... I will make you proud. And mother's memory."

"It will be hard work," Tr'yan said, "if you do bond at all. There are many things to take care of in a cavern, and... life is a bit different than here."

"I can adjust," Ambrosia said, drawing herself up. "And I am no stranger to work. I did all the cleaning and cooking, while mother was ill, and that was from when I was a child until about my fourteenth birthday. So let me gather my things, if I'm allowed?"

"Of course," the rider said, and while they waited outside, Tr'yan complimented Tellar on his daughter's courage. "Some girls faint dead away, or are afraid they'll get their hands dirty."

"She's a good girl," Tellar explained. "She has heart."

Ambrosia, once packed, brought with her things she wanted to remind her of her parents, of her life, but most of all, of her mother. Tr'yan helped her on to Loyeth's back, and they winged their way to Calyeni Caverns.

The Caverns were a lovely place, a bit confusing at first but Ambrosia caught on quickly to the twists and turns of the place. It was the first time she'd ever been in a cavern like this, having spent most of her life outside in actual houses and huts, streets and such. The inside of a Cavern was the most foreign thing to her, even beyond the dragons.

There were twenty candidates and they all sprinted with Ambrosia down to the sands as they were summoned for the hatching. It had been a while for Ambrosia and one or two others who had come early. They all had found an egg which called out to them, and Ambrosia found herself standing in front of one which almost drove her mad with need.

Will it hatch? How will it know her? What color will the hatchling be? Everyone had those questions in their mind, of course.

A bronze was the first to hatch, handsome and strong. Then a big egg broke open showing two white-speckled hatchlings, one blue and one green! The green bonded to another dragon, something which Ambrosia hadn't expected. Perhaps this would be a far more interesting hatching than she expected!

Then a bi-colored red and pink, along with a brown and a cream hatched. The brown bonded to the cream, to everyone's surprise. The red one simply left for the food, unbonded and unconcerned.

A small egg swirled in all different colors was the next to break shell. It revealed a spectrum of colors, as well as a dragonet. The large dragoness, for it looked to the female’s side, who was all the colors, and even more than imaginable, ‘regally’ bounced up to Ambrosia and sat down. "Amaryllisith, you're more than I could've imagined." Ambrosia said, still in awe of the dragonet’s shimmering hide.

Your father will be proud of us both. Now that we've found each other, can we find something to eat? The rainbow dragonet asked loudly.

"Of course," Ambrosia answered, and led the large dragoness off the sands.

Ambrosia and Amaryllisith have participated in the Cathair Fionabhainn Braethas Raug flight frenzy - she was caught by two wonderful males, Bronze-white Tiassath of Ryslen, and Blue-Green Sapphire dragon Doidith. They will have fine offspring!

** Clips from the flight-fion.html page which are way too broken with layered images to import easily, and also the Raug flight/hatching by ktrenal in 2002!** also note I am so not going to redo that rainbow mental voice lol just imagine it's in rainbow colors like above....

Once again, the Nexus records room was alive with activity. Somewhere between the Kshau Isle on Paniya/Alskyr, the Healing Den, and Zekira, this nebulous room that exists upon many levels of reality seemed to attract all sorts of people.

The blue skinned and heavy-tailed Zekiran native Ten stared at the two others in the room. One was the lushly beautiful Ambrosia, a red-panda morph, and the other a Blackbottom-haired woman named Trin.

"I thought I felt some interest in coming here this afternoon," Ten said, when the trio had tensed up and then abruptly relaxed. Apparently they'd all come from different parts of reality. "I think we all have an idea about why we're here."

"I do," Trin announced. "This pink monster I bonded a couple years back happens to want to fly a mating flight. She's being totally annoying."

"They're insufferable, when they're like this," Ambrosia said, "I can't believe how much I want to--" she abruptly stopped talking, and if she'd had skin instead of fur they would have seen her cheeks blushing tremendously.

I want to join you all, but this room is much too small for me... Spoke a voice into the trio's heads. Ten furrowed his silvery eyebrows, and turned to look at the more Healing Den side of the room. Though it was dark, he could see the vague outline of a dragon, standing in a narrow doorway.

"We'll include you," Trin said. "I just got the oddest thought... We need a place where our dragons can meet properly."

By this time, Ambrosia was sitting at one of the computer terminals in the large room. She moved her deft fingers across the ergonomic keyboard, and the screen above her hands came to life. "There, see, all you need to do is this little search..."

"How do you know that?" Trin asked, but Ten stepped in and relayed the visual images to the rainbow colored male in the doorway.

"I don't even know... But anyway look, there are a lot of flights, but there are only a couple that they'd all be able to fly. Your dragon is female," Ambrosia said to Trin, who nodded. "And pink? Hm, pink dragon!" She giggled a bit. She typed something in. "Mine is a female rainbow, and yours?" She looked at Ten.

"Gold." He said. Both women were startled - then he added, "Male gold, from Vella Crean."

The girls nodded, "that would be an unusual clutch, but whatever... Gold male. And, our friend out there?"

Ten said, "rainbow male, named Nimbus I believe."

Ambrosia typed those things in, gathered the names of the dragons, Arumdaoth and Luyuth, and her own Amaryllisth. Then, they waited a bit.

Shortly the screen became bright with information. Flights were common on the old world, but becoming far more interesting the farther away from it they looked. One in particular caught their eye.

Ten said, "on Danach, click on that listing."

Ambrosia did so, and came up with an odd name. "Braethas Raug?" She said, "did I pronounce that right?"

"Who knows," Trin said, "but it looks interesting. Rainbow colors, big planetary conjunction... Looks fun. Looks like a bunch of people will be at that." What they didn't know was that she was thinking, 'lots of pickpocketing to get in on!'

"It does sound interesting. Nimbus? Would you care to comment?" Ten asked.

I think it would be a good flight zone. Who else is participating?

"So far?" Ten said, examining the screen, "oh," he said, eyes wide at the image provided for the extremely beautiful rainbow queen Tassanadrath. "Look at her."

She is worthy of our attentions, your dragon's and my own. Certainly!

"There's a lovely lavender," Ambrosia said, "and a large green... Oh, a blue female!" She giggled. "Copper bronzes, punkin oranges, wow... This is quite the flight already!" She was becoming giddy with excitement. Or was it Amaryllisth?

Both - sign us up!! Please! The rainbow dragoness pleaded with her rider.

"Done and done," Ambrosia said, clicking on several interesting links. "They'll want some of our dragon's information, so maybe you could type it in for Nimbus, Ten?" Though his tail got in the way - moreso than Ambrosia's thick one did, he added his information.

They wound up with a print out - how the computers in the Nexus libraries had their images was well beyond their vague understanding, but they got images printed out and their listing went up on Cathair Fionabhainn's flight board. Four dragons, three riders, and high expectations!

-- from flight --

After failing to catch Shivath, bronze-white Tiassath had chased several other females, before his eyes fell on one he knew he must win. With the determined edge of the dragon who'd found the mate he considered the most beautiful in the entire flight, he dove towards rainbow Amaryllisith, barely noticing as other dragons had to swerve sharply to avoid an impact with him.

Almost sneaking up behind the rainbow, Tiassath twisted his tail around hers, drawing them together, an action copied by Felio'meh on the ground as he wrapped his arms around Ambrosia. Together, felinoid and red panda morph moved away towards a private room of their own, following other pairs in the direction of the rooms that had been prepared for the flight.

-- from flight --

Another returner to the flight, rainbow Amaryllisith was searching for another mate. Not that she was disatisfied, but she certainly wasn't tired yet. There was however one smallish male who did seem rather tired, but had yet to find a mate, so Amaryllisith moved in closer to him and wrapped herself around him.

Blue-green Doidith accepted Amaryllisith's company gratefully. It was his first mating flight, and he'd been becoming disheartened at his inability to catch a single female. But the rainbow female who'd come to him was easily the most beautiful in the entire flight, and he was grateful.

His rider Ch'nayral however was not too pleased. His dragon had successfully mated, yes, but with a dragon who's rider was already occupied, leaving him very much alone.

-- from flight-fion2.html --

With the great Braethas Raug flight behind them, the Kshau riders gathered near the huge Hatching sands cavern to watch their dragons lovingly protect their eggs. Precious few eggs, for such a huge flight! Around fifty eggs, for more than eighty participants! So much work...

Ten leaned back, thinking about his experience. Arumdaoth had chosen to follow Tessandarath but she'd been caught by Nimbus - Ten glanced down at the rainbow colored male, who was gloatingly basking in the twin sunset nearby. But the golden Arumdaoth took advantage of the green colored Xirameth when she dove down to catch him , it wasn't like he would pass up the opportunity! Her rider, a human woman swarthy with the air of a water-rat about her, and a bit woozy on the ground, seemed to appraise him the way... well, the way that Vanya originally eyed Ten, with a disdain for the long tail he sported. But she got used to that, in fact she found it rather handy when she discovered it could hold her up. Ten grinned to himself, humans were easy to please, really, especially compared to his Zekiran lovers. He was so exotic to a human.

Nimbus swung his head around and nudged Arumdaoth's and they compared notes. I got her first. Can you even believe it? I have trouble believing it myself!

Arumdaoth grumbled something and folded his long wings back over his sides, Yes, you did. Thank you. I heard.

Ten snorted a laugh, and consoled his great gold with the fact that she came to him, Tessandarath wanted them both but she left the best for last.

On the sands, however, rainbow Amaryllisith purred at her rider. You like the cat man a lot, don't you.

I do, he's ... very ... hmmmm. Ambrosia giggled to herself, and some of the other riders down near their own dragons glanced at the red-panda.

Well, I think you would have liked the other rider, too, but I was a bit occupied so I don't know.

"I was too," Ambrosia giggled again, and continued to work on a tunic she was making. She didn't really know why she was even making one, it wasn't like her to take up new tasks when an old one was left unfinished - but her dragon's rest on the sands would last a while, so she settled in.

It didn't occur to her that she might... no, that would be too bizarre!

Nothing is too bizarre, Ambrosia. Nimbus commented. Uthnath is such a different dragon - I thought her scales were quite ... interesting!

"I'm sure they were," Ambrosia smiled.

I thought that Doidith was very pretty, too, Amryllisith said, very pretty indeed. I think our child will be as beautiful as he is.

Well that was nothing, Luyuth snorted from her little nest on the big sands. The pink dragoness felt a little left out because her rider was out ... well, stealing something. I found my beautiful Bronze, and he was just stunning! And quite a gentle dragon too. Luyuth snugged her pink tail around her single large egg.

All the participants celebrated the Braethas Raug at that point, but they'd obviously be celebrating for a while to come, too. Ten was determined to have good candidates for a bond from this clutch come back with him to Zekira. Trin had already assured him that Dawnlight and Blackstone didn't really have any candidates to spare, but Luyuth made sure that Nimbus would go out looking for candidates too just in case.

-- from hatching (her offspring only)

** And then, before Kataela had chance to look around at the rest of those attending the Hatching, the first egg cracked open. A silence descended upon the Cathair as everyone stopped talking to watch the first egg hatch, to see what dragon was inside, and perhaps identify the parents, if it were possible to do so.

A delicate nose poked out of the egg, coloured with white and starry, and when the rest of the egg broke open, a beautiful starry and white hatchling fell out onto the sand, looking awkward for a few moments, before getting to her feet. Her chest scales were coloured with vivid rainbow circles, and when she snapped her wings open, they were coloured in a similar manner. She looked around her, and then her eyes settled on Arianne. Greetings Arianne, she said softly. My name is Nelessanalth.

There was a resounding applause for the first dragon of the clutch to hatch, and a large dragon, a starry no less to hatch first was considered in a way to be a good sign for the rest of the clutch. Not that there were many worries about this clutch now, with the first glance of the hatchlings within.

** And then, perhaps just to make the situation even more confusing, a blue dragonling with long, flippered feet, rainbow bands across his otherwise blue hide, and blue-green wings and membranes stumbled awkwardly towards the pair, tilting his head in the direction of Aelonnith and Delphonth. May I join you? he asked politely. My name is Asporinath.

Aelonnith looked about to reply, before Berloth was pounced on by a delicate green with softly rainbow coloured membranes, and mottled blue-green feathered wings. Don't forget Jephelinth! she exclaimed loudly, and quite content just to sit on Berloth, before being forcibly pushed off by Keritenth.

Before any more dragons could find their way towards Aelonnith and Berloth, several riders, Ketrenal included, bounded onto the sands to usher the group of six away from the sands and the remaining eggs. There had to be some left for the other Candidates after all!

** there are no records of Rothiachaeth's eventual results, multibonded with a dragoness attending the event

** The remaining copper and the blue seemed to have no interest in bonding, and so the copper, Iresstorapth was sent to Fire Ridge, and the blue, Ortaikimolth went to Dragonwillow.


Skills or Profession: currently dragon rider, but tapped as a records keeper
Personality: as above

Events or History: as above


Name: Amaryllisith (aa ma RILL ih sith)
Gender: female
Size/Shoulder/Length: medium-large 15' s / 90' l / 112' ws - note that for the Raug she was listed as 'small' for a queen but given her hatching message she would definitely continue to grow into her full sized glory
Colors: rainbow shiny, mottled with white; wingsails more pastel shaded; even her eyes are rainbows in faceted shades
Breed: Iulerbrilan - formerly Pernese
Features: as shown
Powers: Winged Flight, a good flier with strong instincts, she prefers good updrafts and warm air rather than difficult weather, which somewhat grounds her when her rider is off at sea. She can certainly fly to meet Ambrosia on any long voyage, should she really want to be on a ship instead of her dragon's back, but will avoid storms and very chill weather otherwise
Teleportation, Genrehop, with her long stay in the Nexus, moving from a skin-bearing realm to a furry one, her priorities have shifted over the years to making a good mental map of whatever locations they glance upon. She can recognize coastlines and landmark features easily, navigating with the stars is for nubs but she definitely does that (it just means they have to show up at night, why is that? did anyone ever notice that?). But she also has a keen feeling for the mood or basic atmosphere of a place, and much like her color-coded communication, she can match a world based on the first impression she got there mentally, and return to that place just by selecting its particularly shade. Her teleportation as a base ability is fast and accurate, up to 200 miles at a long burst, and a quick succession of 100-meter jaunts in any kind of dangerous up close situation
Telepathy, strong, colorful mental conversation comes from this dragon, and her mind seems to touch on all colors while communing with her bond. However she can also 'narrow' her speech to convey moods; rather like the faceted eye colors that she shows, if she feels the need to alert someone she'll choose red or orange 'background' mood or if she's feeling flirty she'll soften her mind to a pastel green, or even give off a moody, threatening aura of indigo. Note that her color schemes might not match other types - she's a rainbow queen she can emote whatever color scheme she wants to!
Assisted Firebreath, never used, as she is 'queen sized' at this point she wouldn't have any experience with this, but her offspring might inherit some form of fire breathing whether it's assisted by chemicals or spontaneous
Telekinesis, though seemingly rare among older bloodlines, her time in the Nexus has made her much stronger with this ability and she doesn't need to rely on other dragons being around in order to utilize it fully. She can lift nearly half her own body weight if she's flying, and can fully lift her own weight while on the ground and not needing to concentrate on also being in the air
Parentage: below
Origin: Calyeni Caverns clutch 1
Art By: Drakleia
Other Info: note that many of her siblings either did not bond or bonded to other dragons at the clutch, so alternate resources for any of her offspring are possible, which also definitely happened at the Raug!


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Gold Kalyantith
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Bronze Neith


Location / Date
Braethas Raug 2002 Bronze White Tiassath
f Rainbow white starry Nelessanalth (Arianne)  
Blue Green Doidith
m blue-green rainbow blue Asporinath (Aelonnith - Ty)
m rainbow copper Iresstorapth (Luna)
f blue-green rainbow purple Rothiachaeth (multibond Dealrachaonth)
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