CALEDRUS HOLD: Lowborn Cotholds

Lowest of the lowborn, living in the flats near the road... The Lowborn cotholds are many and usually loud with children. However, the mortality rate among these poor folk is very high, and as such they are treated with disdain by most who can afford better foods and clothing.

The lowborn cotholds scatter around for nearly half a mile, at the base of Caledrus' fissure. They have poor water, with some exceptions being kept quite secret by those who know about their sources. However, they do have a resident Healer who treats only them, apparently brought to a healer hall out of such conditions himself. He also tends to the births.

Notably present as well is a Harper of some years, who often entertains the young with stories and ballads. Few of the children have time to actually learn much more than some history, however, as there is always work to be done in the woods or the fields north of Caledrus.

The grasslands to the sides of the fissure provide good hunting for very small game, and there are two large storage units with chilled air running through them. How this is done is a mystery left only to the Craft masters. On the west side is a larger, two story place with much in the way of meat and such items. The east side is a long, tunnel like affair with not only grains, but wines, water and other sundries kept dry with metal bins.

The cotholds erupt around the sides of the cobbled roads, and some are built quite high along the fissure. Easier to get to there from the top than from the roads!

Who do you wish to visit in the Lowborn Cotholds?

Hendar, guard and fighter, rider of Bronze Cometh, from Seasparkul Weyr

Graapni, drudge son, dirty deeds, rider of Brown-Black Everuth, from Blackstone Weyr (y -8)

Kasseran, supply cavern attendant, rider of Bronze Zouverath, from Aneris Weyr

Kraen, possibly highborn rogue, rider of Bronze Voranth, from Aneris Weyr

Ratar, settled gypsy, Zoorita's brother, rider of Bronze Taboroth, from Aneris Weyr

Aralwen, a potter's daughter learning the trade but wanting more, rider of Green Sekth, from Eriol Backwards

Ysobel, a sturdy farmer girl, rider of Flamingo (Pink) Vaoth, from Eriol Backwards

Galiana, driver of a caravan and spotter of things dangerous to her family, rider of Blue-Orange (m)Moivth, from Eriol Backwards