CALEDRUS HOLD: Lord Holders Nook

The Lord Holders Nook is a narrow but very tall carved-out area of the Hold, stuck all the way to the south in the fissure of Caledrus. There are several exits, and lots of corridors and pathways within the Hold's walls that lead into the craft hall, and out onto the woods above.

The main rooms in the Hall are very tall and mostly dark. The entrance hall has two huge very vertical doors which can be shut and bolted down, opening onto a long, somewhat narrow room. Rather like an old feast hall in a mideval painting, this hall is strewn with long banners, tapestries and paintings of prior Holders. Two tables run down its length, end to end, until the Lord Holders tables which are set cross-wise. The decor is somewhat subdued compared to the rich work on the chairs, and table cloths. This being a woodland hold, all the chairs are made from wood and covered in fine embroidered cloth.

Drudges often scurry about in this room, back and forth. They only wish they could have the option of Blackstone's tall catwalk, they must clean those tapestries somehow...

From this large room there is a stairwell, which spirals down to the next floor. There, the floors are wider in girth, as the space within the stone widens out. Several living chambers and richly appointed offices are there, the only things usually in use.

Below this, there is a nexus of corridors leading down to the Crafters' Narrow and other places. Also, find the drudge chambers and storage areas.

The fourth floor is filled with smaller rooms and living chambers, most of them unused. They had been, at a time when Caledrus was bustling with people. However, this is no longer the case, and most go dusty. Some have been known to be hideouts of thieves, who have found their way into the main Hold rooms via the long-forgotten smaller access tunnels.

The bottom floor lets out in three places along the fissure floor, and is usually where supplies are sent. There are some craft items here, such as a loom and tanning materials, however they are rarely used.

Who might you find in this Holders Nook?

Josin Morai, Lord Holder of Morai Hall, and rider of Bronze Wolventh from Firestone Weyr


Caledrua, eldest daughter of the Lord Holder Caledrus, rider of Green Kelashoth, from Aneris Weyr

Aaryea, almost-married-in Lady Holder, rider of Obsidian Gold Etiuruth from Enzan Shi

Ezhar, minor Holder's daughter, Rider of Red and White Tinoth from Istabitha's Weyr


Cendar, minor Holder's daugher, Rider of Green Ysalth, from Aneris Weyr

Janice, 14th child of minor Holders, rider of Gold Meozihhuuyth, from Eriol Backwards

Joser, eldest son of minor Holder, rider of Brown Yvenithaerth from Enzan Shi


Norolan, son of rider and major Holder, rider of Bronze Moabuth from Bremek Weyr


Sega, minor Lady Holder, rider of Green-Gold Makvoth from Blue Sky Weyr


Sharnia, drudge worker, rider of Green Irisanth, from Aneris Weyr


Torrey, cook and Lower Cavern staff, rider of Gold Asriath, from Aneris Weyr

Nola, daughter of drudge and rider, drudge, rider of Green Moabhith from Bremek Weyr


Iyor, bloodthirsty bitch, rider of Bronze (female) Karctuth, from Eriol Backwards

Clye, holder's daughter, rider of Fuschia (female) Juzth, from Eriol Backwards


Ovecess, a boy too clever for his family's good, rider of Funky Blue Mirkiserth, from Eriol Backwards