CALEDRUS HOLD: Crafters Narrow

The Craft Narrow is a couple levels down from the Holders Nook, and sits across both halves of the fissure. Large excavated rooms stretch away from the opening, and on either side there are different crafts being taught.

On the west side, a wide room is open for many of the more sedate crafts, such as tanning and tailoring, weaving and such. Most of the clothing found on Caledrus inhabitants, from High to Low born, are made here. There are dyes and such made here as well, though they are often taken outside via the corridors to be stirred as the scent is overpowering. Woodcrafters also is practiced, however most of the crafters who do it actually live above the ground, in the woods or very near them.

On the east side, the more narrow and long rooms have access to the hot steam vents, which power certain devices. Bellows and hammers are always found in operation here, as this is the smith crafters area. In general, this half is mostly deafened by the noise, while the other side is smelly with dyes and tannin!

Who might you find in the Crafter's Narrow?

Dolren, tailors son, rider of Blue Sayuth, from Aneris Weyr

Eller, tracker and falconer, rider of Bronze (and Black) Isurth, from Blue Sky Weyr

Montella, daughter of weaver and wood crafter, rider of Green Kalith, from Aneris Weyr

Tharsa, glasscrafter/starcrafter, rider of Blue-White Itawith, from White River Weyr

Tzeado, senior apprentice smithcrafter, rider of Bronze Xakyth, from Enzan Shi

Waadier, (D'ier) Harper/recordskeeper, rider of Green Elkinorith, from Ryslen Weyr

Zoorita, Journeywoman healer, rider of Brown Tinenth, from Aneris Weyr

Padist, a vintner girl following in her father's footsteps, rider of Clouded White-Brown (m) Hivlth and Black with Blue (m) Yuth, from Eriol Backwards

Leridel, a healer learning how hard his work really is, rider of Yellow (male) Iuth, from Eriol Backwards

Kayona, an artist whose works vary with both her mood and the time of day, rider of Green With Black (f) Nenahueth, from Eriol Backwards

Meli, a harper who just needs to move his feet, rider of Blue Usth, from Eriol Backwards