When Beena turned to Misota as the eggs rocked and crashed open, Misota's mind was filled with sounds. Not just the sounds of the happy people watching in the stands, nor the ones from the already-impressed. There was something in her mind and it was not something she understood.

Until the moment that the silver-colored dragonet came from her shell. Then, all of Misota's focused mind went to that beautiful dragonet, who looked up and impressed from halfway across the sands. The pair of dragonets walked in step toward the sisters.

There you are. And your sister. My brother wants her because she is pretty like he is.

Oh, now don't say that. He's not that shallow is he? Beena has many great qualities!

And so do you! You are the one I wanted!

"I have wanted you all my life..." Misota sobbed with joy.

They left the sands with their friend Robbyn, his metallic dragon making silly noises over Robbyn's shoulder, and Beena and Minath with their shared happy look.

Misota and her silver beauty were almost ready to take to the sky and fly. The weyrling master kept his tongue silent about the pale girl's willingness to take risks, while she did so. She was ready to stand on the back of the small weyrling and dance into the sky.

That wasn't something he knew how to teach.

"Dantinath," Misota said, "could you be a dear and rest your wings for just a candlemark. Then I think I can convince the weyrling master to allow us up tonight."

You wish to fly at night?

"It is not as hot, and it is beautiful at night..." Misota said, and her dragon's eyes whirled blue green.

You are always right.

It is a cold day. Do you wish me to find us a nice beach?

"No, no, love. Let's ... let's go find the biggest snow drift we can get to, and see if anyone finds us!" Misota giggled with bliss, and bolted out of the weyr with only her snug day-suit on. Dantinath groaned inwardly and then took off behind her.

The silver dragoness was small, but not nearly so small as most whites. She was beginning to feel her urges, finally able to understand about Beena, Misota and Robbyn's little flings.

Why are you not with them? Minath asked, out of the blue.

"I'm here with you, that's why. Besides, Dantinath, Minath is off with flight in mind. And while I do think you and he would make a nice couple, right now isn't the time."

You wish to wait for another? I suppose...

And while Minath was off at the Halloween frenzy, Dantinath decided to sneak off to Ryslen's Flurry! With all the beautiful winter dragons, she was a shoe in!

She is sure to provide the Nexus with wonderful offspring, as she mated Napzurath, the red and blue marked white from the Healing Den!

In 2021 Dantinath and her brother both participated in the Checkerboard Ball, and the silver's choice of mate was Dymati, the smoke dragon. Their offspring are shown here!

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