Name: Network

Gender: Female presenting hard-light program, she/they, unknown type attraction

Age/DOB: unknown, Network was created from brain scans of various individuals and combined with programming at some point in the past, only she knows her inception date, but it is likely she's at least a thousand years old given Jacob's long term friendship

Origin: Future Star-Faring humanity, corporate style, along with Jacob Silverhand and possibly others from a similar theme

Family: has no actual 'family' but is emotionally and possibly phsically intimate with Jacob

Other: yes, 'physically' intimate even though she's a constructed program made of light... She still identifies as female and still has fragments of memories of being 'a real person', plus he's got sensory equipment, they don't need to get busy in a sloppy biological way!

Height: around 6' though can appear to be quite small and condensed if needed

Weight: technically she weighs about 1 lb of mass, and is centered in small nanomachine particles. She has no other 'weight' but can manipulate those particles to be able to push buttons or type

Hair: light brown, thin and somewhat limp, cut shaggy - that's how she remembered looking, and how Jacob likes it, anyway. She can instantly change this appearance but tends to keep this look

Eyes: they would be lime-neon green if you saw them behind those 'glasses'; they are a formality anyway, she doesn't need them

Appearance: her chosen shape is shown, a glowing smooth and sleek slender looking woman outline; her 'armor' is an illusion though she can condense those particles to provide a very strong stiff if micron-thin shield; she has little in the way of facial features but the faintest outline of a nose and lips, ears, and jaw can be seen in profile, and her mouth does 'animate' when she speaks even if it's all electronic telepathy. She does appear in the white-green spectrum to most humanoid eyes, probably a feature of her powersets and construction. Her mental/communication voice is feminine, not too high and definitely not squeaky or sharp, though it does carry a strangely echoing after-sound and in fact a bit of a static 'afterimage' to anyone who has senses that go into particular wavelengths. Though as shown she is in her 'combat ready' phase, she can alter her appearance visually, and to a small degree textures change with this, so she has an 'evening gown' and 'casual Friday' outfit. All of them are generally in the same black-green-lime-white spectrum. If a viewer is able to see into electromagnetic spectrums, those clouds of 'information' around her hands and sometimes her head are clearly visible and particularly while she is working on anything.

Images made in City of Heroes

Abilities/Skills: While in Paragon City working with SACCADE, Network has had to be registered with the heroics department to make sure that she's not mistaken for a villain. Though she doesn't go out much (ooc: she's only level 14 lol) and tends to take care of things in the base, Network does have the ability to manipulate radiation and electronically influence brains of most biological creatures. She has a strong mental domination power that overwhelms a victim's mind, using a combination of electric energy and specific pulses of radiation, though even after having such a thing done to them, the victim will neither remember it nor have any lasting side effects. She can however use her radiation to both bolster and sicken biological entities, and must take care to dole out only gentle doses to her friends. She can 'teleport', whisking herself to a distance up to 500 meters away, however this isn't actual 'teleportation' as some know it - it's more that she is condensing her particles into their hovering capsule, and moving at a very rapid pace. The technology involved is far beyond what most Primal Earth's corporation and sciences can achieve, and boy howdy does Crey want their hands on it...

As far as her on-base duties go, however, she's remarkably suited to records keeping, logistics, mapping, and generally finding information for people to keep them well appraised of any situation. She is their central network, and keeps her main database on-site in a massive room capable of handling such a task. This area is not merely hers, but shared with a few others who have technological or energetic backgrounds. She's happy for the company, as typically in their home dimension she and Jacob were largely alone. Her database contains maps, publicly and privately available information on individuals, groups, political entities, and whatever else is needed. She can tap local internet, satellite systems, communication networks, hand-held computers, and in fact other technological creatures or people easily, adjusting her frequencies to listen in or outright control them as she would in combat. In addition she can run calculations at such a fantastic speed that she can predict outcomes both immediate and long term with incredible accuracy. Her communication with Jacob or anyone on SACCADE's comms can reach ranges up to 100 miles, and with specific boosters or recievers can go offworld or around the globe with ease. In their home setting, she could tap into a galactic system, but that is lacking here. Virtually any computer is hers to command, but she does take care to leave no trace lest Crey start putting a trap together...

Personality: Helpful, serious during work but enjoys down time as much as any biological entity. She was never one to shy away from leaving her own comments on data, and though she's not particularly nasty about it she can be quite snarky if prodded. She's not merely a machine or code, after all, her whole personality and history was built from a real born-person, and she has never forgotten being alive. She doesn't regret the decision to pack her into a computer frame and keep her with Jacob all this time, after all it's better than just being a memory.

History: With Jacob Silverhand, she was one of three humans selected by a group of super-powerful aliens on a council in the galaxy they're from, and became an 'avatar' for their group. Where Jacob was their assassin, she was their communication network, their third not on-site here was a biological researcher. It was Network who figured out how to move through dimensions, landing the pair here in Paragon City.

Their original meeting was long ago - almost 1200 years in fact - so they both tend to concentrate on what's here and now rather than dwelling on the past. Network has embraced her usefulness here in SACCADE and enjoys watching the group's activities.


But she does need a little maintenance now and then. Because of the somewhat limited nature of Primal Earth's level of technology (at least easily available tech, things that don't need to be examined for world-shattering danger warnings...), she and the others residing in the comm room at SACCADE take shifts making sure that their physical enviornment is secure, shielded both from prying eyes and from endangering anyone with overspilling radiation.

The power grid in their supergroup base is good, but it is nice to have a break now and again. Particularly after Rylehath shows up, they can now make sure that the main controlling systems and portals are each running smoothly - sometimes during a heavy work load, Network and Concorde and several other such electronic entities noticed how much of a drain teleporting and computing and communicating all had on it. Keeping one of them cooled externally with the dragon's chill breath means that another part of the system doesn't have to be overworked.


Name: Rylehath (RYE leh hath), "Ryle" (riley)
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: small (long) 7'5" s, 39' l, 54' ws
Colors: green calico; a pale green base with mint white-green and darker jade-green markings from nose to tail; wingsails transparent icy-marked dark green; mane and tail tuft icy mint; eyes pale blue
Features: long dragon mutt; four slender pawed legs with three digits, velvet suede hide skin, with furry/feathery(?) mane and tail; long noodle body with a stronger neck, giraffe-like head with tufted knobs and tufted external ears; two transparent leathery wings with two fingers and a strong wrist thumb
Powers: Winged Flight, Ryle is eager to fly, and with a sponsor that doesn't actually need to ride him that only prods him to move faster - he can see that little pod of particles for her hologram, and chases it! If needed he can certainly lift up to three humanoid weights, though must slow his speed and be more careful, particularly if anyone has spikey bits or might pierce his wingsails
Telepathy, among his family he is exceptional with this power and uses it exclusively to communicate; while he has a voice it's more a purring 'higher than expected for such a big kitty' kind of mew, which embarrasses him, so he doesn't even try yelling. He can telepathically reach virtually any sort of mental connection - a human, dragon, construct, intelligent shade of teal, whatever is at hand, he's got you covered. He can actually communicate directly with his sponsor Network, on her 'level', and as such can expand her localized range quite a bit! They make a very good team for this reason. His mental voice is clear and chill, with an undercurrent of minty fresh green flavor
Breath Weapon: Icy Air, of all the things that this dragon loves doing, keeping cool is at the top of the list. If he could 'legally' become a superhero in the City, he'd be listed as an ice controller or blaster! Able to produce a cloud of super-chilled air, a fan of cool sparkling ice crystals, or even a beam of literally frozen air (whatever's in it condensing into a more solid form than it should be), he is a cold-air athlete. Each of those uses has its range and purpose - a cloud bringing the temperature down to near-zero C is excellent for keeping the mainframe rooms at SACCADE in working order, don't want those computer banks or teleport machines overheating. The fan of ice works best around 20 meters and can temporarily crust-over a few targets and immobilize them while others beat the snot out of them. And the beam, well let's say that sometimes a long 500 meter snipe is best to keep the prying eyes of a competing local corporation out of SACCADEs hair...
Breath Weapon: assisted firebreath, pff who needs it? Well sometimes, he does! Recognizes that not all the members of the team thrive in chill air, and if they have access to anything that can be ignited, he can use this as a catalyst to make a gout of flame. He needs a little time to adjust between those 'glands' and his ice power however, and can't do these at the same time (though he is super super super trying to!)
Parentage: Crystal White Harylime and White Red Black Calico Caliakith (Lineage and family members here)
Origin: The Burrow project, by Phe
Other Info: When Price came back to SACCADE from the Checkerboard Ball with an amazing dragon, everyone knew it was 'time'. Time to start looking for their own draconic friends! Would that move them away from Paragon Prime? Probably, but for the moment, Rylehath has a great partner in heroics in the form of Network.

His eager and insistent personality makes for a fun contrast with the more sedate computer-woman, and his energetic flair for the dramatic keeps her on her glowing toes when they're in the field. At times he does need a little nudge to make sure he doesn't fly off the handle and cause damage, and sometimes it's the little things - why do those local hoodlums keep harassing people on the same street corner? why won't Crey stop bugging us? grr! - rather than going out and 'hunting them all down', Network has asserted that he will come inside and let off that cold-air where it'll do the most good, allowing their systems to be chilled by his huffing and puffing rather than having to clean up after his fury outside.