Name: Vidal Caelumpictor
Gender: Male, he/him
Size/Shoulder/Length: 9' s / 30' l / 55' ws
Colors: body soft white with dark brown armor on face and forelegs; wingsails and head crest medium brown; soft black mane, tail, ear tufts and beard; medium grey eyes, claws shiny white
Features: Makanan/Iulerbrilan+Cormwood type, with velvet skin, small armor patches, horns, the works...
Powers: Winged Flight, No one conquers the air like Vidal, he is fast to spring into the air and strong while up there, thanks in no small way to his very magical parentage. Though he's not the biggest dragon around, Vidal is a powerhouse for flight endurance, and agility is key to being an 'urban' dragon like him
Verbal Speech and Telepathy, he is, as one might expect, a crooner of high degree, and warbles or whistles or sings with equal gusto. In fact he rarely just talks, preferring to hum or blurt out appropriately-selected song lyrics for his conversations; he can speak telepathically with other dragons and with those who have the skill or power, up to about 200 meters at most - so if he's out of range don't worry, he has something else for that...
Air Magic
and Air Breath Weapon, he keeps his hair moving, like the romance novel covers, with this. Okay okay also he is capable of putting out a 'breath weapon' that is a stiff chill wind, down to a gentle breeze, or warm the air below his wings to give himself the lift needed for those long circles above Crescent City; He can keep a light wind up, one which would perhaps blow out a candle or rustle papers, but not pick them up, for half an hour on one breath; shut up about him being 'long winded'... He can also 'whisper' to ears up to half a mile away, with accuracy as long as it's line of sight, and hear the responses brought on this magical wind; with practice he's also able to clear the air of smoke or debris, but that's a little harder than it seems, and that stuff needs somewhere to go - he can move it, not remove it
Parentage: Mother Zyllae, father Votanu Caelumpictor (his lineage on that page)
Origin: Fur and Feathers Frenzy Redux, lines by Dray, colors by Phe
Other Info: He's a charmer, that's for sure. And far from being offended when any of the other male dragons start flirting with him, he's an incredibly good sport and a wing-man to boot, always looking for the right match if for no other reason than to write songs about them in lurrrve
Bond: Saliquidi from BRW! (1.29.23)

There would come a time when the group, touring the many locales available to them now that they had a pack of dragons to help, that they learned of new nests, new places that had dragonets to sponsor or bond. And the first among them to find a location was Vidal - he went to a place called Sanctum Dream, and saw a brilliant group of truly special dragons indeed.

He didn't have to try very hard to attract attention from a few of them, but one in particular remained. Nearer and nearer to him, the green-tinted dragoness hummed along with him while he fixed his lush mane, perfectly in tune with his own admittedly-aimless voice. When he noticed this, Vidal glanced once, then twice, and more purposefully set a scale into motion. She matched it beat for beat, they played with minor and major keys, they suddenly burst into a bold operatic but wordless soundscape. They would make a great team, and are looking forward to playing intimate clubs as well as big venues together with the group or just each other.


Name: Saliquidi
Gender: Female, she/her
Size/Shoulder/Length: 13' s / 52' l / 65' ws
Colors: Green-Blue; body mainly a soft minty white-green, mane, tail tuft,and other fur trim in pale icy blue-white; wings iced silver-blue transparent; eyes icy; friendship bracelets of dad's fluff woven, looking to likely wear plenty more as time goes on
Features: mutt - furry hide, four legs with cat-like paws, short fur trim, and short claws; two oddly disconnected wings with feather trim and who even knows what they're actually made of; boxy head with thick mane and large external ears; long tail with large tuft and spine fur
Powers: Winged Flight, how do those wings actually work? Who knows, but she can keep up with her bond reasonably well, particularly if he's also aiding her flight with his air magic. On her own however she is very speedy but also can glide and soar if there is a nice updraft or heat column to work with.
Teleportation, keeping mostly to short-distance bips, though she's fairly large she has to keep in mind her destination's volume and area. Time was, she could jump around an arena to make sure that the sound systems were working properly but at her full size she's a touch too big to just crush herself into an observation room or even some dance floors. She is faintly disappointed in this fact, and has nudged the team to play bigger locations.
Verbal Speech - quite adept with words, she does enjoy the group dynamics, and won't hesitate to stir shit up a little here and there, but never acting against the best interests of the team as a whole. Anyone else better look out, because she absolutely will lure 'players' into a mess of mockery, or just the right setting to put them at ease. You never know with her.
Song-Magic - the words she speaks can turn into beautiful entrancing melodies, or terrifying and bone-chilling madness, depending on the needs of the moment. Thus as the group does larger and more complicated performances and not 'just' a large drag show, she is in her element, evoking emotional outbursts from even stuffy and chill patrons.
Parentage: Mother Polige, father Merydian
Origin: Burrow White generation 1 (lineage on that page)
Other Info: 'trap setter' and 'social' are just a few aspects of her personality, but they certainly play a large role in how she jumps from event to event. She plays a long game - she's noticed a few 'fans' in the audience that appear at many of their shows, some apparently traveling quite a ways to do that. But whether they are there to be true fans and enjoy the music, or - as she's begun suspecting of a couple - if they're present to take notes on who can do what in order to sabotage them later, she will sort that out quietly with her bond and then the team. She knows just what to do with either type of 'fan' though. One type is just not gonna make it to their next show if she works it right. The right word in the wrong ear, and all.
Bond: Vidal