Sleetch the MudWing

Name Sleetch ("the mud or slime found at the bottom of a river bed")
Gender Multiple, likely can sire or bear eggs in similarly featured species, presents he/him

Pyrrhan Mudwing Dragon

(Original Description from randomizer: Corinthian IV, with access to 'unlimited' accessories and equipment, almost all of which are oddly leathery; he is a 'Real Weirdie' They have many legs (draconic), two arms, a fish-bowl breathing aparatus on their head, an armored, rhino-like body, , and a set of big leathery wings, a broken, painful looking tail and amazing squatness. - note that I'm not quite using this one but the Mudwings are so squat and awesome I gotta use one for this!)

Class Junior classmen like this get 30 KnacKudos to spend on clusters, skills and knacks
Nut Definitely nutty
Totem Scallop, the 'all mussel' totem. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
-2 S/GM, -1 RWP, -2 Drive, -1 Looks, +4 Bonk, +6 extra KK's.
Smarts 7-2=5+4= 9
Bod/Feet 7
Luck 8
Drive 2 (see below, flies/runs/swims/burrows too)
Looks 2
Cool 2
Bonk 12 (!!!) (I mean, of course, he's a dragon! As a Junior in high school he's 7'9" s / 39' l / 70'4" ws - he will grow larger over time, probably to around 10' shoulder at most)

Know It All - add +4 to Smarts/Greymatta permanently, and can always answer some question off the top of their head - not always correctly of course, just quickly; he does know it all, at least in terms of certain subjects, and knows when to keep his big mouth shut

Telemove - allows you to move things without touching them - this applies only if it's moist, anything from dust to pond scum, mud, wet sand, etc. Not water itself, and not dry items, and only water not blood or other such wetness applies to this magic

Mud Healing - as a Mudwing, Sleetch is certainly a strong one, able to pack mud onto a wounded dragon's body or wing and infuse it with magic that allows even deep damage to heal quickly. A ripped wing sail might heal within half an hour, while deep bone injuries or internal organs would require multiple applications and rest between sessions of several hours; this power only works on dragons, but will work on any draconic breed - they've tested it!

Clusters Dragon Anatomy and Health +4 Trained from hatching even before he could speak, Sleetch has always been gifted with healing magic and needed to learn to use it correctly. He knows how to assess injuries, illnesses, and overall health of any non-bipedal dragon type (while he can make an educated guess for dragons like Liaxeri, the farther away from the 'four on the ground, two wings, one tail' model of dragon, the less likely his skill will be accurate)

Communication Skills +3 Able to learn quickly how best to discuss or get a point across, Sleetch doesn't want to make mistakes and observes before trying to get involved in a discussion; he can read body language and listens carefully to tone and speech stress, even if he doesn't know a language he can often deterimine whether the speaker is angry, sad, or worried. He can speak his native language, and several other draconic types with ease, and is adept enough at English both spoken and written to be a star student here

Mutually Assured Restraint +3 This is an odd name for a skill that basically allows him to tackle aggressive dragons of his own size or even much bigger, in order to either keep them from harming others, or themselves; in other words, he's a hospital orderly who can make sure that a patient isn't rampaging and getting even more hurt! He will not leap on any creature that he might actively hurt, he's careful to be aware of every small humanoid around himself on campus, and can hold his own body quite still while others move around him even if they're poking and prodding for an anatomy lesson

Sea, Land, Air +3 Amazingly for a Mudwing Sleetch is impressive wherever he may be, and can fly, swim, run, and even burrow with grace and strength; While he's not super fast in the air he definitely can keep up with most of the fliers on campus, and can do so for a marathon of hours; when he's tired of flying he can drop to the ground and trot at a slow but steady pace again for hours; in the water he is remarkably agile and speedier than in the air or land, often doing spin tricks and leaping from the water into acrobatic splashes! He can telekinetically move wet sand or dirt so if he's near enough to a large amount of this material, he can fully bury himself or root under it, emerging up to a mile away if there's enough wetness to the dirt! He can take others with him in the air and while running, but must be very careful under water if the creature or person cannot breathe underwater, and cannot take any living thing with him when burrowing because they would get hurt


Extremely Cooperative +3 If Sleetch is in your class, he'll always both enjoy being on a team or do well as a leader of a study group; he's also really fun to have as a work partner, as he is gracious and polite, to a point: if you're slacking off, he'll patiently explain how to do better, and he does expect results! He's not a pushover, he can tell if he needs to pull more weight than his own in a group

Does Have A Bad Side, Don't Get On It +2 He is still a dragon. He is still an 8 foot high beast of a student, and he knows that there are people who think he's a monster, but every once in a while it will get on his nerves, and he will lash out a bit; he thankfully lacks a breath weapon, but he can still stomp a human-sized creature into pulp if he's not careful, and he will let you know it if you're on his hit list; he will use his size and configuration to protect those in need, but that also includes himself

Huggable +1 Obviously he does like being there for people in need, even if they only need to be nudged a little or encouraged with a gentle word, he's up for it; a kind soul, he's the sort of kid that goes to comic conventions with a sign that reads "free hugs" and gives the best ones

Added bonus Knack: Size Shifted via magic - he has a small glyph etched into his horn that he can activate with a switch of his ear over it, which allows him to purposefully change size from his normal nearly-8 foot shoulder, to around 'alligator' height, less than 2' at the shoulder and proportioned as he is above; he does have to then scurry around a little faster than normal, if he's in a hallway or getting to and from classes across campus, but he has found it's much easier to fly in this smaller format than at his full weight, and he doesn't weigh nearly as much (this magic does keep his strength intact, but he is proportionately lower in weight; he cannot use this to grow any bigger, it's a one-size shift) this glyph only affects himself, even if he's being ridden it won't change the size or dimension of any living thing with him; he can support about 100 lbs of weight at his small size, but prefers to just keep his school supplies in a satchel and not allow people to ride him in the halls...

Period Class/Instructor/Grade
1 Draconic Literature / Bethoi / Excellent
2 Sea Dragon Care / Acuan / Superb
3 Interspecies Politics / Liaxeri / Excellent
4 Living Mythology / Ninhursag / Decent
5 Measuring Up / Haital / Decent
6 Marine Biology / W.B. Poddie / Excellent
7 Deep Pool Sports / Dean Rhein / Excellent
8 Veterinary Tech / S. Marad / Excellent (serves as both student and subject)
Pets None, but he's not adverse to having some tag along!
Parents? Unknown Mudwings, residing on homeworld
Siblings? Unknown, likely several full blooded siblings and several more half-sibs
Resides In the newly-constructed draconic student housing, which also serves as a sea-born location with a 'helipad' near the Dome where most oceanic studies and genetic engineering classes are held; in another dimension, this locale is an oil rig... but those have been outlawed long ago here!
Image From Adopted from Maladys-market on Deviantart, Biohazardia lines, Wings of Fire by Tui Sutherland


Yes, 'sleetch' is a real word! Plus, it is the sound that standing on that same substance makes, *sleetch squish squelch*! He likes demonstrating this sound, as much as using the mud he's kneading to put on aching dragon shoulders after a big school parade flight. Sleetch arrived to Carramba via the Rookery, but he will be remaining on Twoarth and not returning to the war torn world - they have enough dragons to help heal up, and this one seems to be a little lacking.

He was selected as a representitive to attend a hatching of another breed of dragon offworld. He doesn't really know what to expect, but he's hopeful that if a hatchling comes to him, they will make a good team.


Origin: Lantessama
Other Info: