Chester Neufaith, adorable fruit

Chester lives near the campus with his two dads, and has never met the woman who actually gave birth to him. She might be one of his fathers' sisters, or another close relative of that type, but he's definitely got a different sense of 'family' than most people have.

He works at the kiosk on campus, Fruit Whips and Protein Chains. I think that says it all, doesn't it?


Well, how about - "maybe I should be late to class more often"?

Or, that he has an unconsciously flirtatious attitude toward authority figures? ... Unconsciously, right. Uh huh. Sure.

Chester has vibrant, naturally blond hair, a tanned California Beach Boy complexion, and aqua-teal colored eyes. Even though he's very 'white' he does almost look like an Asian in facial features, or perhaps it's just the makeup. He doesn't try passing himself off as a girl - far from it, he loves basking in his male form, and doesn't really like putting on a dress. Unless it's a slinky black leather thing that would show off certain... bits... Whatever his current Master would like, of course, that'd be fine. He's terrifically submissive, but has a definite independant streak: he won't have just any master! He wants only certain people...

So once he latches on to you, he won't let go until you refuse to whip him...

Name Chester Neufaith
Gender Male... doesn't much think of himself as a 'he', more 'your servant, yes master?'


Totem Beach Bunnie (-2S/gm, +1RWP, +1DR, +2L, +4Ks)
Smarts 2
Bod/Feet 7
Luck 4
Drive 4
Looks 6
Cool 6
Bonk 2
Powers Cute
Clusters Find Pain Producing Agent +1
Skills Seduction Via Innocent Behavior +3, Aikido +1
Knacks Obey +3 , Implore +1, Pose +3, Make fun of Homophobes +3, Wear Leather +3, Make You Wear Leather +3
1 Advanced Pain Compliance Tech with Rugan and Tenken
2 Modern Dance with Carson
3 Practical Anatomy with V. Sanger
4 Math, Just Math with Smith
5Optimism Under Duress with C'thain
6 Earth Geography with Schilz
7 Fiction Writing with Singe
8 Makeup and Hair Designs with Shalen
Dragon Bonded at: Mirus giveaway (heh, bonded!)

Tossicath Rufasilex

Pedigree here

Gender Female
Colors Green, fire-aven wings
Abilities Telepathy, Partial Shifting (The dragon can shift into a smaller, anthropomorphic version of itself. They retain all of the features (wings, tail, etc.) of their full dragon form), Functional Magic  (can manipulate raw magic to form spells of varying levels of potency)
Size Medium-Small

Chester was so proud of himself. Why shouldn't he be? After all, it wasn't every day that your instructors got together and decided you should find a dragon to pair up with! And who was he to argue - it was Doc Sanger and the Pain Compliance teachers Rugan and Tenken (what, were they like married or something? they were always hitting each other - and hitting to Chester meant 'love') that were sending him off to Mirus.

Before he even realized what was happening, he was foisted in front of a big pile of eggs, where a multitude of little dragonets were hatching! They came in such gorgeous colors! But the one who came toward him on unsteady legs with her barely-feathered wings still drying in the hot air, was a green who mentally announced her intentions.

I will have you, we should be together. I will do as you tell me to - like you do - but don't forget that I will be here to protect you!

"Oh, Tossicath I don't know if I need too much protection," Chester said, thought about it, and added, "at least, not like that..."


The hatchling was well suited to her duties in the dragon classes that Chester had to take in the summer. For almost everyone else, school ended in early June. But for those who had dragons that were this young, they still attended at least one or two classes a day until their dragonet was old enough to fend properly for itself and they could fly. Once they were flying, there were other courses...

For the moment though, Chester and Tossicath were more like first-year students sharing their classes together. Though her clutchmates sometimes didn't learn how to shapeshift until later in their lives, she took to it almost out of her shell. When she stood up for the first time on two legs instead of four, Chester almost cheered out loud. She was going to be about his size as an adult, a little under six feet tall as a humanoid. Well, if you didn't count her neck...

As students went, Chester and his bond dragon were quite talented, if a little distracted. Especially because most of the instructors in the magical studies area and the dragonry prep zone were hot! And the other dragons! Tossicath wouldn't start being fertile for at least two years - which was a good thing.

Umpteenth sat on a grassy hill overlooking the magic studies zone, where the summer attendees could get a little privacy from the folks of the local area. He lay next to the truly gigantic bronze Synesth, the dragons were a bit bored because of course their human companions were busy with training the little brats in walking formations on the ground. They'd outgrown that stage decades ago - and besides, Synesth couldn't stand on the field with too many other dragons present - he was that big.

I can see you are making plans for that one, Synesth commented, and Umpteenth sighed.

Well, I would - only my rider believes that it would be - and I quote - an unmitigated disaster. I don't even know if he realizes how much that boy adores him.

Doesn't matter, Synesth commented. Some other younger dragon will come along. Or a shapeshifter, you know how they get.

... Are you calling me old? Umpteenth sarcastically said, and both the dragons heard their humans from the field yelling at them to shut up so they could teach.


Chester and Tossicath got through their Sophomore year and went right back into dragonry prep. She was flying now, and Chester was... growing... Getting a little more forceful about who he wanted to have push him around. His job at the kiosk was where he often got to see friends that he'd missed over the last summer, and since there were no current demands for very young rider pairs in defense of the city or whatever, they could afford to skip a few classes here and there to make up for lost time. At least it felt like lost time to Chester: the magic studies zone was protected from time passage, he wasn't actually losing any time at all - nor aging. They both did their aging outside of their training.

Magic of convienence. Tossicath would start learning that kind of magic spell in their junior year, while Chester was off trying to convince the administration to let him take just one more Interrogation class.