Magnolia Twig


Name Magnolia Twig
Gender Female, bi
Homeworld Earth / Wizarding
Class Sophomore 33kk
Nut Doesn't want to admit they're a little nutty
Totem Bush Baby / art Doll Divine Harry Potterverse
Smarts 9
Bod/Feet 8
Luck 3
Drive 4 (broom/flying)
Looks 7
Cool 2
Bonk 3
Powers Magic Spells, cast from long, 14 inch Rosewood (charms) Unicorn horn powder core wand
-- Colloportus - to close and seal a door or other portal, also of use to activate any given device or magic key that acts as a door or gate
-- Speed tricks - She doesn't even need a broom to go fast, but since it's an inherent use of spell magic she's disqualified from team sports
-- Broom Pro - except Quidditch, because that's where she shines... You know those guys who use forklifts to do ballet? She can do breakdancing on a broom
Clusters Aerial Navigation +4
Skills Get Into Places +3
Get Outta Places +3
Not Get Caught +3
Knacks Know When Not To Open Doors +3
1 Advanced Statistics with A.Vale Decent
2 Demi-Human Cultures with Bognar Stonefist Decent
3 Naming and the Power of True Names with Akarist Excellent
4 Draconic Literature with Bethoi Excellent
5 Magical Flight Training w/TBA Superb
6 Makeup and Hair with Shalen Decent
7 Martial Arts (Taekwondo) with Canby Excellent
8 Alchemy with Varnhagen Excellent
Pets Fluttersnap and Flip; Lantessama and Isla flits
Parents? Not on Twoarth
Siblings? Macon Twig, fraternal twin brother

If Magnolia could be said to be any particular thing, it was 'The Smart One'. That isn't to say that her brother was 'dumb', hardly, but she was the one who hatched up plans and get things done.  Eager, intense, maybe even excitable could be words used to describe her. Abrupt, jittery; but not easily distracted, anything but that. That was always in stark contrast to her brother, Macon, and though he was hardly a slouch, her energy level compared to his was off the charts. (And at that note their guidance councilor took a look at his 'barely passing' grade in Advanced Relaxation' and just lets off a long sigh...)

** from hatching**

Can't let your brother steal your thunder! Magnolia turned, not sure what to expect, and was faced with a female brown hatchling whose eyes glittered with excited hues. Got here fast as I could! I'm Mintakath and we're going to learn all the magic. All of it.

"I happen to know a place where we can do that," Magnolia grinned and began to lead her hatchling onward. "Come on!"

Do I get a wand? Mintakath prodded, practically vibrating with enthusiasm. How about a cauldron?

"We'll talk."


"we'll get a story here"




Name: Mintakath
Gender: Female (odd for breed color)
Size/Shoulder/Length: medium brown range 9' s /
Colors: body evenly medium brown, wingsails slightly darker
Features: pernese type with headknobs and no tail detail, 3-fingered wings, and paw-like feet
Powers: Winged Flight
Assisted Firebreath
Parentage: bronze Aalimeth x bronze Risperoth - further lineage on clutch page
Origin: Meridian Weyr clutch 1
Other Info: A seeker of knowledge: ambitious, bright, and daring.


Name: Fluttersnap (small red) and Flip (large gold)
Gender: Male, female
Size/Shoulder/Length: teensy (5"s) and small (1'9"s)
Colors: deep red and bright shiny gold / very shiny gold
Features: are those wings? well, Fluttersnap flies, so they must be / small Pernese flitter
Powers: wingless flight, very butterfly on the wind / teleportation, flight, typical flit
Parentage: unknown
Origin: Winter Gather 2020 from Lantessama and Isla
Other Info: sized as above, Fluttersnap has a very big name for being such a tiny creature; they get into plenty of trouble together, but are also of tremendous use as distractions, as well as apparently being a cleanup crew for any stray coins, items, or other liftable bits left after Mags opens things

Candidate at Meridian Weyr with Macon