Macon Twig

Name Macon Twig
Gender Male, gay
Homeworld Earth / Wizarding
Class Sophomore 33kk
Nut Doesn't want to admit they're a little nutty
Totem Platypus / Art Doll Divine Harry Potterverse
Smarts 4
Bod/Feet 7
Luck 5
Drive 4
Looks 3
Cool 4
Bonk 4
Powers Magic Spells, cast from 10 inch ash wand with dragon heartstring core
-- Confundus, a confuse charm, best at close range but he can also aim with great care at up to 25 meters; confusion lasts for about 5 minutes
-- Dissendium, to open things, anything from locks to portals to other worlds, he has surprised himself with this powerful spell more than once...
-- Flagrate, fire magic; must be careful with this, can produce a small flame as a match, on up to a ten foot tall pillar of flame; if it has enough fuel it will continue burning naturally, otherwise will extinguish after hitting something and damaging it
Clusters Exceptionally Good At Reading Magic +4
Skills Handles Tools Well +3
Doesn't Get Lost +3
Excellent Aim +3
Knacks Pass Notes +3
1 Hedge Mazes: Alibi and Art with Ihrinnah Excellent
2 Royalty and Regular Folks with Sean Akegata Passing
3 Naming and the Power of True Names with Akarist Decent
4 Cartography with Lari Excellent
5 Decoding Magical texts with Liaxeri Superb
6 Advanced Relaxation Techniques with Neko Passing
7 Illusions and Charms with L. Stonefist Superb
8 Makeup and Hair Designs with Shalen Decent
Pets Berry and Sprig; Lantessama and Isla Winter Gather 2020 flits
Parents? Not on Twoarth
Siblings? Magnolia Twig, fraternal twin sister

His sister always elbowed him when she spotted something of interest. But also, when she wanted to pester him about virtually anything, and this time it was, "why did you name it after our own name, Macon? Did you forget our own last name?" And the truth was, no, he just thought that a critter with that spruce-colored sap and evergreen pattern... and one who on top of that literally chewed on his wand when she hatched, should have a name fitting her.

(( From hatching ))
Two greens were assessing the candidates from afar, and neither were shy about projecting their thoughts to whoever could listen.

Who are you picking? I don't want to choose until you do.

You hatched first. You're supposed to go first.

But there're so. Many. What if I pick a bad one?

Statistically unlikely. Mom says they're all good.

Well, then, what if I pick yours? I don't want to pick yours.

Aalimeth leaned her massive head over the two hatchlings and surprised both with a booming command. Darlings. Your mother wants to get off the Sands before twilight. Choose now.

Okay! The darker, forest-hued green snapped to attention. I choose... Macon !

The young wizard, who hadn't quite grasped the implication of being able to hear one-half of the conversation, started. He dropped to one knee to welcome his dragon. "Hello, Celaenoth !"

Magic sounds like fun. Can you teach me?

Magic, schmagic! Fulona can make people and cats better without any stinkin' magic, the lighter green, her hide the colour of sage leaves, shot back at her sister. She then turned to look at the healer expectantly. I hope you'll let me help! I'm Asteropeth .

"I could use an extra set of hands - or, in your case, claws," Fulona smiled.

Fulona and Macon hurried their dragons off the Sands, one eager to catch up with her sibling, the other awaiting the arrival of his. Celaenoth and Asteropeth, meanwhile, continued to bicker until both sisters were too busy eating to care whose rider was better.



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Name: Calaenoth
Gender: Female
Size/Shoulder/Length: medium green range 7' s /
Colors: body brightly green, wings shiny grass green
Features: pernese type with headknobs and no tail detail, 3-fingered wings, and paw-like feet
Powers: Winged Flight
Assisted Firebreath
Parentage: bronze Aalimeth x bronze Risperoth - further lineage on clutch page
Origin: Meridian Weyr clutch 1
Other Info: An explorer: curious, decisive, and persistent.


Name: Berry (sm) and Twig (lg)
Gender: female both
Size/Shoulder/Length: 6"s and 1'4"s
Colors: light and pine green with mottled red and bright red / medium and pine green with dark and pale green, tan/cream mottled markings
Features: holly berry tail spade and sprig 'horns' / typical Pernese flit
Powers: balance anywhere, entice and enhance an area's look-and-feel / minor telepathy, teleportation, little bitty flame breath
Parentage: unknown
Origin: Winter Gather 2020 from Lantessama and Isla
Other Info: highly useful as distractions while he and his sister are 'working' on something together

Candidate at Meridian Weyr with his sister Magnolia