Name Ivy
Gender Female
Homeworld Aperture Labs
Class Junior
Nut Not
Totem None
Smarts 6
Bod/Feet 4
Luck 4
Drive 2
Looks 4
Cool 4
Bonk 7
Powers Telepathy (Vortal)
Teleport (all/genrehop)
Environmental Sense/Manip (realm create)
Large-scale Teleport
Clusters Dimensional Feng Shui +3
Skills Knows Where That Was +3
Doesn't Need To Eat +2
Fix Dad's Boring Places +3
Knacks Hardly Ever Speaks +3
1 Teleportation Practice / Lane (daddy)
2 Interior Design / Yresh
3 Inter-Species Politics / Liaxeri
4 Ironic Literature / P.Fettel
5 Personal Space Creation / Bunyi
6 Chaos Geometry / Caroline Clone
7 Multiplanar History / Prescott
8 Make Your Own Planet / Ninhursag


Dragon Gahduh Sikani
(Donor Parent) Keenan Lane
(Siblings) Turquoise, Cyan

Gahduh and his beloved Ivy were sent on regular patrols, and could reliably bring back not only information and refugees, but weather reports. Not too many of their dragons had the skills that Gahduh did, nor were many of the Color Guard able to emulate them. Storm sensing and manipulation was not an easy skill to master, even according to the dragon.

It appeared that Gahduh was appreciated for more than just his powers and admittedly gorgeous appearance. Keenan, Ivy's donor father and one who enjoyed the company of this quiet daughter of his tremendously, had asked that Gahduh and his kin who could do so, provide the Mesa with fresh water for that large artificial lake he'd installed. Gahduh was happy to oblige.

Dragon Gahduh Sikani

Male, name means Bluster

Medium-large (long), 9' shoulder / 80' long, 60' (28, 24, 18, 16) wingspan

Dark Blue, Grey wingsails, violet feathers, yellow markings/glowbobs

Telepathy/Empathy (strong, mostly bond), Elemental Magic (electric, reasonably strong), Water magic (very strong), Psionic Dampening (emergency use only), Storm Magic (very strong), Dreamwalking (to bond, her genetic line)

Very long and slinky, clawed feet, webbed and glowbobbed tail tip, webbed/glowbobbed neck crest, feathered headwings, combo feather and leather buttwings x2/ main wings, leather tail wings x2, Myrsilk variant markings

Zekiran/Ferilon/Dragon Banyak Sikani + Zeronen Myrsilk mutt

Int 70 App 90
Edu 40 Cha 70
Str 92 Soc 45
Hea 85 Agg 55
Agi 100 San 65
Rea 112 Cou 70
From Zekiran genetic mix