Black Mesa Dragon Rookery is a crazy idea I had when I was making characters for my World of Zekira. The line of Vahh, the Mystery, on Zekira takes a thousand years and nearly a hundred characters... So why not throw dragons into the mix? He's already 'fathered' dragon riders after all, the Clonegirls of Carramba are genetically related to a different version of Keenan Lane than lives here at the Rookery.

The ruined world that the game Half Life shows would benefit from having strong creatures like dragons to defend portions of Humanity. While the Clonegirls have a home in Aperture, they don't remain there and would certainly rather be above ground than under it, with their dragons.

The other characters present are from the mashup fiction Repurposed - a version of the Half Life universe where other game worlds collide with it freely. Armacham from the FEAR universe, Rapture from Bioshock, even alternate earths such as the one found in the Fallout universe all mix in a not so gentle churn. Since it is in character for a number of those Repurposed characters to have moved from one Earth to another, some of them make mention of Paragon City - where they learned to be heroic in addition to strong. Carramba High is where the Clone girls and these folks meet up.

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