Name: Ashkah'Clastio, "Class"
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: Small 6'2" s / 32' l / 28' ws
Colors: Sandstone and Copper as shown; blue eyes
Features: Gem / Gem mutt, scaled with heavy belly armor, large horns and dorsal spines, four legs and two leathery wings, large metallic tail spade
Powers: Winged Flight, swift as an arrow and just as true to the mark, Clastio flies low to the ground mostly, but can sweep vertically just as quick, and looks like molten metal in the air; he's not a big dragon by any means, so in the unlikely event that someone needs to be transported, he will definitely make sure that they are comfortable and not do all those fancy tricks he might otherwise
Portal Creation, able to move between spaces, and has taken lessons and instruction from some of the local ELLs and various scientists who worked with such things before he got there. His range on this power is not tremendous, about 10 miles at most, but he may have done this to even reach the area originally, from the Firecaverns
Telepathy and Verbal Speech, speaking in a clear, resonant voice, his mental energy feels like comfortably warm metal (Mars really likes it when he talks to her, she claims his voice is 'like a warm gun barrel'... okay Mars, *patpats* that's nice... >_>); he has a decent vocabulary and is growing more technical with it since the folks needing him to break down metals will often request specific things at such-and-so a temperature
Affinity - Sandstone and Copper, while some in this line seem to attract money or love with their 'affinity', Clastio is more the practical type, whose powers manifest stronger when he's near those elements. He can reinforce and strengthen them, and in turn any items he's made in their presence (particularly of those elements) will be nigh-unbreakable; this is why he has chosen this area to work, the richly red and pale sandstone canyon walls as well as the ubiquitous presence of copper deposits of all types in New Mexico mean he's got a lot to work with!
Firebreath, extra hot; this power is often used to create glass using the local sand and metals, to help smelt and forge, melting down very large chunks of metal such as cars and trucks or broken cargo containers, things which other dragons deposit in the area and the humans at the Rookery then cart off for their own work
Parentage: Ashkah'Jidat, Fire Opal and Iron Gem Dragon (Aranedor-derived) and Alba, White/Diamond Gem Dragon/Glenn Dragon mutt
Origin: FireCaverns (Jkat Rainbow Glitz February 2023)
Other Info: Doesn't need to bond, though he does really enjoy the company of others including other dragons that may not be considered 'friendly' to those in the Rookery proper - he knows there are a bunch of such dragons lurking in the caverns below the surface, and has been trying to coax them out to change their ways a little, to...not much success

Skills or Profession: a metal worker, of equal value in grabbing scrap and turning it to a purified molten state, as well as molding it with his deft paws and clever sculpting. His flame breath is so hot that he is the active choice for a lot of the local needs, plus it doesn't seem he runs out of fuel for this fire, which the forge in Black Mesa cannot say...

Current Location: the scrub desert directly north of Black Mesa and due east of the arrival portal they put down in RY5. He blends in so well that sometimes even other dragons don't notice him right there basking in the sun

Personality: helpful and somewhat blunt, but an enjoyable dragon to be around. One who can be counted on, and is trustworthy indeed, even though there have been rumors that he's found those odd scary and dangerous dragons below the surface? Is that true? Well yes it is, but that's because he believes that anyone should be given the chance to change or do good, even if they have a bad background or bitter personality
Events or History: born of a largish clutch in the Firecaverns, and almost the moment he was able to do so he wound up creating a portal and went through it. It was a good thing that the Rookery engineers had assembled that 'collection plate' portal to receive such a dragon! He easily homed in on it, and found himself in a rather warm and very appropriately red desert environment. Clearly since the scientists and riders at this Rookery knew that the plate had done something, there were a few on hand to greet him and make sure that he was tended to in case of any accidents on the way. So genuine were they, that he realized this was the best place to be! He's spent time wandering around the old and now-unused copper mines, pulling out more of the element and beautiful crystals to boot, basically without harming the structural integrity of the mines. He also enjoys going up to the Ranch, though he admits that there are some slightly-scary dragons ... and people there. But by and large he will help anyone who asks, and is a good dragon to confide in.