Name: Cepheus Graves

Student Gender: Male
Personality: very obviously bisexual, but completely unwilling or unable to commit to any single person. Extremely good at picking up on subtle body language, but also terrified that his family will find out about any of that. Lets many subjects slide in favor of getting someone else to do his homework in them, but knows just enough to get passing grades in all of them.
Cultural Background: Black, possibly Middle-eastern mix, typical in appearance, and very handsome

Attending: Hogwarts, Slytherin; Domina
Year/Age: 5th year, 16
Favorite Subject: Arithmancy, Runes
Worst Subject: Potions

Professional Goal: Anything that gets him in the spotlight and/or laid

Length: average, 12.5 inches
Wood: Ebony (stealth)
Core: Sphynx Mane Hair (Charisma)
Favored Spell: occlumency - mental protection from invasive telepathy

Familiar: none

Unique: none

Quidditch: can't fly for shit, so no thank you! Rather pick up on team members after the game...

Name: Cressida Whateley

Student Gender: Female
Background: pureblooded, many jailed or killed as Death Eaters
Personality: Forceful, possessive, and actually very dedicated to her friends. She'd rather be in charge than not, but takes orders well enough, and is quite diligent in studies, thus has never failed or even gotten poor grades in any subject. She knows how to delegate but also likes to have a grasp on every aspect of things before telling others what to do.
Cultural Background: Northern european, atypical (white hair, yellow eyes), pretty but dangerous

Attending: Hogwarts, Slytherin; Domina
Year/Age: 5th year, 15
Favorite Subject: Flying/Quidditch
Worst Subject: Divination

Professional Goal: Quidditch player!

Length: long, 14.5 inch
Wood: Eucalyptis (fire)
Core: Manticore tooth powder (illusions)
Favored Spell: reducto - a blast from the wand to blow things to dust

Familiar: tiny dwarf owl male named Snitch

Unique: possibly has fey blood in her line, as she sometimes demonstrates unusual abilities around exotic sentients

Quidditch: Oh yes. Plays Seeker and very well she might add. Professional level, if possible.

Dragon Bond: Sta Turun

Settling among the weird folk of House Domina, it was easy to see that Cressida would be just as aggressive in her pursuit of knowledge and ability here as at Hogwarts. She flung herself into studies, learning many different ways to do spells that she hadn't bothered with for years before. How to chop up food and serve it, for instance... But she only really wanted that, because she knew having a dragon would mean a bit more responsibilities. She didn't particularly want to learn to cook - house elves tended to that kind of thing most of her life. But now?

She also found a specific location and a very specific dragon type that she wanted to try for. If only because it involved a tattoo ritual that she was convinced would prevent any other nasty tattoos from taking over her life. She'd seen the results of that Dark Mark on others in her family, and what it had done to them. She wanted no part of that. But to counter such a thing from being emblazoned on her own skin? Why, a tattoo for a dragon, of course!

A strange half-breed type of dragon was introduced to her, almost in a dream. Zora helped make arrangements, and this the first of the Transfer students was sent off to a distant place for the exotic ritual to be performed. She chose the inside of her right forearm, where an image was drawn with magical ink. It stung, not as bad as she expected, not nearly as bad as her variety of Quidditch injuries had ever hurt!

So exotic, so pretty. It wrapped around and made itself at home on her flesh. She felt it working, there was a deep, inside kind of magic going on here that she didn't even know had a name on her own world. And then as promised, several weeks later, the tattoo changed a bit, and finally... a dragon appeared where it had been! Lumped into her arms, chittering to get its voice worked out.

"Oh she's truly beautiful," Iris said, peering over the girl's shoulder. "And look she matches you so well," the paladin smiled. This lovely ivory-shaded dragon was energetic, perhaps would be aggressive, but surely as opposite the ideals of what many Slytherin would ever want to aspire to. Cressida could hardly stop smiling.

"Sta, her name is Sta, she told me while she was... inside." Cressida whispered and giggled as the dragonet struggled to climb over her shoulders and cling to whatever wall or surface she could, strengthening her limbs and letting her wings spread for the first time.

Name: Sta Turun
Gender: Female
Size: 7'9" at the shoulder
Color: Ivory-white
Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Light Breath Weapon, Create Paradise

Valley of the Sky

** 2021-2022 participated in the Checkerboard Ball, partnered with Shigan, with not just a normal clutch of 'Pieces', but an additional engineered batch of Knockoffs!