Winter Gather 2020... and then some!

Name:  Cheeralin Filidelunas
Gender:  Female
Colour:  Black-Cream
Size:  Medium-Small (8.9' tall at shoulder)
Physical Features: four legs and four wings, with a split-tail ending in winged spikey fluff, forepaws have thumbs, all limbs have long sharp claws; head is dished with heavy curved horns and armor over eyes, big fluffy external ears; neck, shoulders, and behind legs and on ankles, wing wrists, and under tail long heavy floof
Parentage - Father:
Black-Gold Godspawn Hybrid, Shetturshu Filidechiroptidae Mother: Black-White SaaShiyovi Hybrid, Subrea Lunas

Telepathy -  Cheeralin can speak mind to mind
Verbal Speech -  Cheeralin can speak aloud
Anthro-Dragon Spectrum Shifting -  Cheeralin can partially shift into a humanoid form that is also human sized, but they retain their colours and many of their draconic features.
Water Breathing -  Cheeralin can hold their breath for up to an hour, and has a limited ability to filter water if they do breathe beneath the waves, though they cannot live indefinitely without air.
Acid Spit -  Cheeralin has an odd ability to spit volatile acid. They can instinctively tone this ability up or down from mild cleaning (such as the like for spring cleaning) to downright noxious

She isn't a 'deer' so much as 'belongs in a nice chilly place'. Her favorite activity is ice fishing, and those spikes on her tails serve very well to spear fish! She can dive for long periods, and urges schools of fish up toward the ice, smacks at them with her tails, and emerges with food for many.

She tends to remain near the shore or lakes, rather than up in the actual mountains that the other Deer types reside on, but they will eagerly come down to her cavern for a treat.

** Sorry it's short, Goes to Lantessama after coming to the Mountain!


Name: Firrmin (ontains root "fir")
Gender: male
Size/Shoulder/Length: 9' s / 45' l / 50' ws
Colors: leaf-green hide, bark-brown fur and both bark-brown and pine-green feathers.
Features: Firrmin is a slender reindeer dragon with a He has soft, padded feet. 
Powers: winged Flight, sure in the air even in the worst of a blizzard, but prefers more clear skies and treetops below him. He can speed across a mountain in no time, but doesn't tend to do any fancy tricks
telepathy, with a quiet voice he hardly shouts even when he's excited, his mental voice has a delightful fir-tree scent to it
warmth, able to produce a soft aura of warmth around himself and keep himself and others under his wings toasty even in the worst ice storm
plant growth, controls nearby plant life, generally to coax seeds to sprout or vines to spread into decoration, but can also encourage them to age and die quickly, in the case of any invasive plants that may endanger local ones
Parentage: Avarelle x Donner
Origin: Lantessama Reindeer Festival
Other Info: ** from hatching ** Cheeralin Filidelunas was quite surprised to find one of her siblings milling about, but Milii hadn't seen her and that was probably for the best since her brother was pretty childish. The black and cream Godspawn-Saashiyovi mutt kept a low profile until Milii had bonded, using the patience and focus she used for fishing to her advantage. And let it be those two traits that drew one of the reindeer dragons to her. Firrmin had observed the observer and had liked what he'd seen. He was pretty patient himself and approved of Cheeralin's avoidance of drama. So once it became clear that she was ready to look for a bond in earnest, the green and brown reindeer stepped out of his camouflage and said:
"I gather you enjoy some outdoors activities? I prefer those as well."
Cheeralin turned to face Firrmin and decided patience was a good virtue to have in a bond, especially when you liked to go fishing.
Personality: A camouflage specialist (in the woods anyway), Firrmin is  someone who calmly observes from afar and then takes precise action. He's out of his comfort zone in places with a lot of concrete and metal.