Spire Island is the home to a rather exotic group of elves. Descentants of several highly magical sorts, ones which use magic in such different ways from the rest of the Otherforest elves, this group has decided that it could best serve its tribe by offering to locate and use dragons to defend the Spire.

Since the arrival of any dragons at all to this world, the Spire is one of the few places which both attracts and scares off these beautiful creatures. It certainly resembles traditional ideas of a castle, keep, weyr, or other such locale. It has elfin caretakers who require assistance. However, as any elf living here knows, any magical powers that might be used normally - in a wide berth around the Spire itself, no magic whatsoever can be used. It's not that people don't try. Some can, with tremendous effort, get a weak telepathic contact or a small flame, or perhaps shift themselves a tiny bit if they're a shapeshifter. But essentially unless the magic user is truly incredible at their art, all magic stops at the ridge surrounding the Spire's land.

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The Spire Island itself is unremarkable in many ways. Winters here are quite windy and cold, if not very snowy. Summers, not much milder. It is mostly flat from the west edge and into the central area, though there are some hilly bits to the edges. A dense wood, where the entrance to the Hall of Portals rests, covers much of the eastern half of the island. North, the hilly woodland becomes sharper and drier, covered in stepped mountains and cavernous drops. Carved by a long-receeded glacier, the mountains are wearing down slowly but surely by the fierce and constant winds. On the far west edge, tide pools fill and empty with the gentle sloshing of the tides. On the south-west...the marsh where a billion frogs chorus endlessly.

The center of attention though, resting perhaps half a day's slow walk from the west coast, is The Spire. (Contrary to the image on the background,) The Spire is carved from what appears at first to be a single piece of black marble, the same marble that the Hall of Portals is created from. (It's not, but it sure looks it.) The plains that surround it, a wide berth - the same distance to the top of the Spire in fact - are warm and dusty, and almost entirely berift of animal life. It's as though the magic dampening ability of the Spire keeps even the hawks and mice away.

The creators of the Spire are, with but one strange exception, millennia dead. By now, it must be obvious that the Spire, Ambience, Catacombs and Hall of Portals are all created by this same exotic humanoid race. Tall, more than twice the height of an elf at their tallest, and with six digits on their hands and feet instead of the elfin four. But they too have the fine features of elves, long ears and large eyes, delicate bodies and an innate sense of magic and elegance.

Stored in the highest chamber of the twelfth floor of the Spire (that is to say, almost two thousand feet up, which is in fact, much higher than one would care to walk on its stairs) is the remaining representative of this race. Dead, of course, but his counterpart living at the Ambience assures everyone that he spent a grand life as an architect.


Inhabitants of the Spire Island include... (but are not limited to, due to arrivals, births and transient visitors from the Hall and other Nexus portals)