Welcome to Abode's alternate-universe site, the "Welfpack".

What in the world are Welfs? They're not quite wolves, and they're not quite elves. But they're a little of both.

Over thousands of years, the scattered descendants of Timmain as a wolf came together - their genetics shaped by her choice to run through the world as a wolf, but bearing the distinct traits of immortal elves - in their magic and appearance.

Though they are few, they are strong. They will never be quite accepted by true elves - not even by the Wolfriders who also roam the world. However they don't have true enemies, even Humans, though they fear these creatures they also harbor a great respect for them - at least, the ones which the Welfpack have encountered. They are far too smart to be hunted, too quick to be caught, and certainly too bold to be captured.

But perhaps befriended? Who knows what will happen to this group of elf-blooded wolves?


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