Samuramat's Sanctum - Xeno Hive

Drawn by: Xenoqueen/Phe
Name: Ambush Balechild
Gender: Male
Caste: Drone
Rank: High
Colour: Ichor
Size: Grubbling Height: 1'3” at the shoulder; Adult Height: 4'9” at the shoulder
Innate Abilities: Acid Immunity, Corruption Powers, Immortality, Mindstream Communication, Realm-Traveling, Resin Secretion, Sizeshifting, Telepathy, Teleportation, Verbal Speech, Wall-Climbing
Adult Abilities: Honeydew Skin, Poison Spray
Personality: Ambush is the peacekeeper, the one to soothe riled tempers and balm them with poison-sweet words. They and their siblings are not at all the xeno-kin Samuramat (and others) were led to believe they might be, but that doesn't mean they can't still curry her favor and take advantage of her bountiful world, does it? They are young and small and few, but the xenomorph hive is not, and there's no shame in currying the favor and protection of powerful allies until such a time that they can stand more solidly on their own…
Alignment: Neutral Good
Hatched From: Balehome


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