Name: Buvvey
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
Eye Colour: Black
Personality: Buvvey was brought up around herdbeasts and runners and though she knows their workings intimately, she absolutely hates the creatures. In fact, she was greatly relieved to be Searched, and to Impress. Buvvey is willing to learn everything about dragon riding if only to escape her earlier life.

Doll divine

*** from hatching ***

A brown that was a deep orange and a dragon splotched green, purple and red both approached the candidates. The pool of available humans had grown quite small now and very few eggs were still rocking. "Guess the dragons were right about this hatching in waves." Mateeka murmured, earning a disgruntled noise from Coreithel.

The two dragons did not fight or squabble and instead walked quite amenably to their humans. The brown stopped in front of Maeyz and sat down, simply staring up at the man. The human knelt and took the dragon's face in his hands, "Hello, Chassieth ."

The other dragon nodded agreeably to each candidate she passed. She probably thought she was being cheerful but their disappointed faces after she moved away proved otherwise. Finally, Buvvey stepped out of the line, "Come on, Seniath !" She called.

With a happy chirp, the dragon promptly ignored the other candidates and followed her bond.


"How... exactly... do I record this one?" The poor girl with the fancy knots on her shoulders and a pained look on her face said, upon seeing the splotched mix of utterly non-standard shades dancing over what appeared to be a green dragon. "I could just say 'had a paint accident'..."

"It's no accident," Buvvey said, "what you might want to write down in 'special abilities', however, is a little harder to explain than her colors."

Aniz's eye twitched. "And... what would those be? Does she need to chew Firestone? We have a couple that don't..."

"Oh she's not a firestone chewer, actually," Buvvey said, rolling her head. "More a sort of wind-maker. Not like farting, though shards she has some terrible smelling blow from her rump. Worse than those blasted herdbeasts."

Aniz let the girl wander verbally for a moment and then tapped her stylus onto the parchment before her.

"Oh, oh, and she can control birds. I'd show you, but I think she's bathing just now."

Aniz ground her jaw a little, wrote it down, and considered herself lucky that they would just be there to aid recuperating riders and injured dragons. Buvvey had shown proficiency at binding wounds and tending to a surprisingly wide variety of injuries, and Seniath... well, she was... happy to help out in whatever way she could.


Name: Seniath
Gender: Female
Colour: Green-Purple-Red
Father: Green-Purple Mutt, Gucaotith
Mother: Green-Gold-Purple Mutt, Axumath
Size: Green-Sized
Abilities: Psionics (Telepathy, Teleportation), Create Wind, Control Small Birds
Basic Personality: Flighty and cheerful, Seniath does not have much discipline, but then her bond has given her so much slack since she was first hatched that Seniath more or less rules the roost -- or at least her own small weyr. She is chatty; friendly and non-judgemental, she enjoys picking up the weak and the helpless and cooing over them in hopes of helping them to feel better. Really, aside from moral support, Seniath is not the most helpful dragon in the world. At least Buvvey is extremely practical!
Bonded To: Buvvey
Going With: Shard