Shard (once known as Aern) Kshau and Rue Gonzalez, blue and green riders. Shard is the 'official' leader of the Kshau Protectorate, though he rides "only" a blue dragon. Rue is a reporter and writer, making sure that the entire Protectorate keeps up on things.

The Protectorate itself is located on Kshau Isle, a small offshoot from the west end of Paniya, on Alskyr. It is comprised of Blackstone Weyr, Eden's Gate which is a hold of sorts, and Dawnlight Hold which is actually located on Paniya's mainland. The full extent of the Protectorate's influence also includes Alabaster, Caledrus, the Healing Den and Dragonhope Weyr. Other, more fringe populations include those found in the menu bar.

It also encompasses different universes, timelines, and genres - Shard is known as a Genrehopper, and like the Sangers, he has several (hundred) dopplegangers found in various states of blueness. Because there are different timelines and genres worth of Shard, the Protectorate may also be found in very unexpected places such as Zekira and Planet Twenty.

Shard rides blue Jeremoth, of the long-dusty Seascape Weyr. He quickly progressed through the ranks there, even though he rode only a blue Shard became a Wingthird, and then went on to become their Weyrling Master for a spell, before splitting off to become the leader of the Protectorate. Jeremoth has sired offspring several times, with some very interesting results.

Rue rides green Beirissath from Lasair Weyr, an offshoot of old Talor Cliff. This curious green has helped Rue dig up dirt on just about everything going on in the whole Protectorate, though she doesn't much care for traveling off-world through the Nexus. She has had clutches with Jeremoth, several offspring are spread around through the Nexus worlds.