Though not truly a "weyr leader", Damian Taljorra is the inheritor for Dawnlight Hold's largest and currently leading family. Brown Yoralanth is an impressive, if a little scatterbrained, dragon for such a Lordling to be impressed to. Damian answers to his father Spencer, but the elder Taljorra accepts the fact that some day when he does step down from his leadership role, it will be to a completely different world of retirement.

Shika and green Fiareth are an unusual pair to have at the top of a list, however they're there because the alternative is just a little too weird. Shika is a starcrafter with strong connections to the Blackbottom cult, and for that reason she's extremely important. A no-nonsense woman, who isn't afraid to be as bluntly honest as it takes to get her point across, Shika keeps Damian in check.

Between the two of them, they have gathered a council of Holders, Crafters and Traders, along with the riders and dragon related workers of Paniya. Both of them would like to run Dawnlight Hold a little differently, but they do agree that putting Dawnlight in sync with the rest of Alskyr would be for the best.