Caledrus Hold is a smallish but interesting location that came with Alabaster and the other Kshau sites. Seated in a narrow canyon and moved to a very similar one on Paniya, life remains largely the same for the inhabitants as it did before the move. There are numerous families vying for control, but the ones who have dragon riders in their lines have clearly been put on the top. It's taken a good few years for the Holders there to realize they are not in fact on their old world... But having dragons residing with them, and not only that dragons who are not the 'traditional' ranks, they've come around. The dragons are not typically required for duties on Paniya, though they, like the Blackstone and Alabaster fleets, will get bored enough to seek out dangers and help where they see fit, but otherwise provide transportation and often serve for 'shipping and receiving' duties.

H'dar and Janice are such a pair who will branch out into whatever is needed of them and their dragons. Bold Hendar and his bronze Cometh was among the first of the Caledrus candidates to bond. Janice's beautiful gold Meliosth seems to have secrets of her own, shared by her rider.

Caledrus Hold can be found here!