It was oddly a match made in heaven, but almost impossibly odd to think on. One smallish corner of the Healing Den played home to a pair of wildly disparate dragons. If one could even call them 'dragons' ... for they weren't, so much as ... critters.

Akiuth and Tiutiu slunk around together smelling sweet and spicy. Sometimes when they would pass, someone would sniff the air wondering where the peeps and cajun corn chips were. They were right underfoot - for neither of these little dragon-things were bigger than a small housecat.

Tiutiu seemed to be the smarter of the pair, able to shift her size according to their needs. She could defend her little peepy friend Akiuth from the ravages of flitters or curious rukels with ease.

You just have to wonder when she's gonna eat that little thing.




Name: Akiuth
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Body: Pale rainbow
Wings: Pale rainbow

Peep giftie from Samber

Name 622275, aka Tiutiu Selampotato
Gender Female
Size Small (1' at shoulder)
Fur Length Medium
Body Cream
Markings Spots, black
Gems None
Moons None
Mother Aisling Selampotato
Father Unknown
Abilities Size Shifting, Sky Song, Leech
Carries Spots

Selampotatodragon created by Cy