When did the Nexus get so weird?

Macenzie and Eadwynn have participated in a rather odd mating ... thing...

Chocolate Covered Bananadragon with Sprinkles, Macenzie.

Gender: Male, length about the size of a large banana.

Abilities: Speech, telepathy, empathy - he can make anyone smile because he smells so good!

Name: Eadwynn
Gender: Male
Abilities: Telepathy, Charm, Teleportation
Length: 2'
Personality: Laid back, he's the quiet, observant type. But like most guys who fancy themselves 'in a rock band' he is like the ever-present and ever-cool bassist who stands looking halfway disinterested in things. He could charm his way through almost any situation.

Halloween Gibbly

... Yeah. That's right. It's like... a candycorn, marshmallow-looking thing. Only, it's post-mastication. Looook at it! It waaaaants something! You! Food! a Pony! Who knows!? It won't say, because it's too busy drooling.

Baeris is *not happy* that this... thing... has inhabited one of the little nooks, it's a particularly large little creature, standing around as high as her chest. Sometimes, it just stands there staring at her chest, like it wants that too. That's probably why Baeris is so freaked out by it.

Doesn't even know if it has a name, I mean, how could you ask? Would if come if you called it?

Would you want it to?