Image made by: Hydee (dragonsoul)

Name: Varvikas (var VEE kas, estonian, colorful)
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: bipedal 9' hip / 55' l / 60' ws
Colors: cloudy light blue body with lots and lots of confetti markings in all colors and shapes; wingsails very pale cloudy ice-blue with large streamer markings; crest medium cloudy blue; eyes confetti colors
Features: wyvern style dragon, two hind legs with three toes, no visible claws; two leathery wings with strong finger leading edge and 3 internal fingers, join only at base and not along body*; head boxy and broad; spiky crest on head to mid-back; bare tail; presumably egg layer, hide skin

Powers: *Winged Flight - improbably enough, Varvikas can fly even though those wings are only barely connected and wouldn't produce physical lift to save his life; he is remarkably adept in the air, able to spin and turn just like the confetti and streamers on his hide
Teleportation - Surprise! wherever you're not looking, Varvikas can show up right behind you, in a burst of confetti and sprinkles; this power is not really limited in distance but it does require the element of surprise to work very well
Communication - Verbal Speech, Varvikas can belt out song lyrics, scream happy birthday and surprise! in virtually any language known... But that's the extent of his verbal skills
Communication - Telepathy, this is where he actually talks, in an excited, bubbling-over sort of mental voice; he does calm down for personal interactions but get him in a group chat telepathically and he'll excitedly point out any detail or hype up a plan for you
Hype Man - emotion control to an extent, Varvikas is a strong empath and can tell when any living thing (or, anything that has feelings) is in need of cheering up. From a single being to a room full of folks, he gets an idea of the mood in the area and can tweak it, from listless to lively, from rockin' out to rioting. He tends toward the friendlier sort of moods, rather than darker or dangerous ones
*Telekinetics - obviously this is where his wings get that flight from, he can levitate a large mass (up to about a pickup truck worth) and move it around without issue, as well as isolating individual particles as small as a couple shreds of confetti; this mass tends to follow him around, and he is careful not to let any sharp edges hurt anyone's eyes...
: None
Origin: Hydee birthday gift for Shard's 35th bday
Other Info: Created 2002; originally only on the '35th birthday gift page', Varvikas has been enamored of numerous colorful dragons found among those residing at the Healing Den for years and years. However, Ribbon is more of a friend and partner in crime than a romantic option these days, and so he's been on the lookout for stuff to do.

And he found it in the form of the Checkerboard Ball, wandering down through the corridors of the Healing Den into the massive draconic area of the Ball. He is endlessly fun, and hardly ever gets exhausted even after a long event. Also he will definitely be helping clean up the mess there!


Not too long after that event (or maybe long before, time is a bit wonky around the Den and its people) Varvikas was made aware of a potential partnership... and took the bait - erm, took them up on it! While there were certainly interesting options... the one who came right up to him was named Melitu, and she was almost entirely the opposite of him in appearance. Slightly fluffy, armored, and... spiny, no wings but forepaws.

They talked for a while, because she'd been around! While he had remained on hand for any celebrations and been visiting to a few specific sites connected to the Healing Den in his time on it, she'd been everywhere. And that was just fascinating. They did hit it off enough that offspring would surely be coming!

One of them would eventually come to him for guidance, and - not too much later - was sent to Carramba for his 'teenage' education! Why not exploit the natural connectivity between these places, eh?


Mate Offspring Art By Released Locale?

Sineygy, male
** (Kitsu)
Gobizieth (Trix)
** (Phe)
** (Neishai)
** (Starfyre)
** (Ktrenal)
** (Dray)
** (JKat)
** (Dragonflight)

Bug May 2022 Refugium

Name: Sineygy (sin AY gee)
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: (adult) medium 9' hip bipedal / 40' l / 50' ws
Colors: body blacklight violet with slightly lighter belly, and neon rainbow spatter markings on neck, back, limbs, and upper tail; bright violet armor and spikes; darker violet wingsails and tail spade; pink eyes; medium grey claws
Features: Sever Skai Breed 2 + Wyvern Mutt; includes several specific physical traits -
Survivability, able to spend a short amount of time in low-oxygen, vacuum, or high / low altitude environments, about 5 minutes he will simply not take any damage, but longer than that he needs to make sure to have his breath held or more just get out of there
Venomous (spines, teeth, and claws), this definitely is stronger, but also he is apt to keep his teeth and claws quite clean and only let this venom out when he's actively attacking; his spines can be sheathed in a kind of 'glamour paint' like cat claws, a spray-on substance developed by the chem class; if one of the spines break, however, it will have to be very carefully repaired or healed quickly because it'll get everywhere and will eat into any organic material, lingering like napalm
Infrared and Ultraviolet Vision, his eyes are able to detect a very wide range of wavelengths, much more than human or most dragons, so he can track by heat and almost always wins games of hide and seek because of it
Tremorsense, through his spines mainly on his tail, they act as a low-frequency 'ear' so he can tell with vibration what's going on either geologically or if something large is approaching
Breath weapon (acid), Acidic blood, his level of acid is pretty mild, generally causing a mild tingling rather than outright damage; this might gain in strength later in life but he'd rather it not
Powers: Winged Flight, unlike mom Sin is able to actively flap and lift off the ground to fly right and proper. Actually quite strong in the air, Sin obviously cannot carry a passenger but has no trouble dangling gear and backpacks off his numerous spines (as long as there's nullification for the accidental acid spill)
Teleportation, surprised based, appears in a burst of glitter, when You Aren't Looking, Sin can move within 50 meters and show up where least expected
Limited Invisibility, the ability to become invisible when remaining stationary with the caveat that he then reappears also with glitter involved, he is careful when doing this because he's had to clean up a lot of glitter...
Telepathy and Verbal Speech, Generally Sin talks rather than sends thoughts, reserving private thoughts for special friends or occasions when he needs to get a point across more thoroughly; has a good vocabulary and can understand technical stuff, and people tend to underestimate him when he chats it up with professors at their level
Empathy, Mild Empathic Control, able to increase cheer and energy in an individual, he picks and chooses who needs the most attention and gives them enough of a nudge that they won't start to spiral or be inappropriately overboard; detects moods of individuals at around 10 meters, and must be within proximity of his head to affect mood
Photographic Memory, he has a very strong memory for items and locations, and given how much glitter he has had to remove that's good, he knows exactly where it all is
Telekinesis, used on small items under 4 lbs in order to manipulate things since he lacks thumbs. He's not the type to use his hind feet, he needs those to stand! His writing is not great, but he can still type, draw, or tie knots with ease
Parentage: Varvikas and Melitu
Origin: Refugium by Bug
Other Info: see below!

Name Sineygy
Gender Male
Homeworld As above
Class Junior
Nut Speckled-Candy Coated Cashew (not licorice, sorry!)
Totem Dragon (0 Drive/+Fly; current Bonk +5, adult +10)
Smarts 5
Bod/Feet 6
Luck 3
Drive 0 / Fly 3
Looks 4
Cool 4
Bonk 8 (adult 13)
Powers see above
Clusters Exacting Party Animal +3 can spot exactly the right location for specific fun to be had, and put everything in order before it starts, hosting isn't his main focus, but prep and cleanup are a breeze when you know how to make sure mom-n-dad's house is spotless ... or at least exactly as they left it when the party was announced...

Down To Business +3 parties are hard work, actually, so when he's supposed to be working he absolutely is working, and when he's partying it's partying hard; he is difficult to distract if he has a specific goal, but once he's done with whatever that is, it's time for fun!

Color Theory +3 he can see in so many more shades than most, somehow that helps him adjust a color palette to a degree that even the art teachers are impressed with; of course finding pigments that work well with infrared or ultraviolet wavelengths is sometimes tough, but hey aren't those guys down in the Dome able to see some of these? Better ask them about it!

Navigation +3 anywhere he goes, that memory is working overtime to provide an incredible mental map, he hardly ever gets truly lost, unless he's been teleported somewhere he has never been. But even then he's going to enjoy making that mental map by wandering around!

Knacks Helpful Yet Dangerous +3 it really is important that he have those sheathes on his spines, yo. But he's always going to be the one that kids on a field trip can rely on to dangle their heavy backpacks or goodie bags on, and he definitely does not mind carrying it all, it's hardly a fuss actually. Plus he can keep them all straight, he's a wandering lost and found department!
Period Class / Instructor / Grade (Failing, Passing, Decent, Excellent, Superb)
1 Party Planning / Dawe / Superb
2 Interior Design / Yresh / Excellent
3 Cartography / Lari / Excellent
4 Inter-Species Politics / Kuyul / Decent
5 Galactic Geography / Huntington / Excellent
6 Allergies Are Everywhere / Virus / Excellent
7 Martian Studies / Gabriella / Excellent
8 Teleportation Practice / Lane / Decent
Pets nope he is a pet, or so he claims
Parents? See above
Siblings? plenty, see chart!
Image From see above!