The Triptych Comic book was begun in early 1993 and has come out several times as a series of one-shot samplers and a 7 page 'prequel' taking place 18 months before the storyline begins.

Each of the characters gets their time in the sun, so to speak. The prequel stars a character that is merely referenced in the other pages.

Intended originally as a 28 page 5-issue storyline, about 60 pages have been finished in black and white with screentone added to some parts. Currently, only 28 pages are scanned. There are no word balloons on these scanned pages, but the entire story follows the Novelized chapters (if embellished a bit and with certain details of position and spacial relations changed).

The comic pages can be viewed individually and in order. The first two pages do not have a novelized part, but they should be self explanatory - they take place as the first page begins but away from our heroes.

Please note that no portion of these images may be used in any way shape or form by anyone other than Lethe of Droppin the Fork. No permission will be granted to use any portion, for any reason. If you want to contribute, please read the copyrights page.

All images, character names and distinct likenesses and the body of work itself are copyright ©2003 Lethe of Droppin the Fork Productions, all rights reserved.

Please be warned that there is some adult content in both the novelization and the comic. This book is not intended for immature or young readers - period. If you do not like any amount of depictions of sexual acts between consentual adults, do not read this story - period.



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Issue One

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