Nidus Aven



Roston and Iyona Meddish Erikson (half-siblings)

Information for both:
Origin: Blackstone Weyr, Kshau Protectorate
Age: 16
(Roston) Iris Meddish of Green Coranth; Father - Toylon E. of Blue Fadith; Identical Twin brother Riston going to (Dray)
(Iyona) Irii Meddish of Green Loranth; Father - Toylon E. of Blue Fadith; Identical Twin Sister Iyola going to (Jkat)
Other Relations: Extensive Erikson family including many aunts and uncles
Rank: Both High Silver caste
Dollmaker: Azalea's / Doll Divine Game of Thrones / Flashpoint used

Name: Roston Meddish Erikson
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Build: sturdy but not burly
Hair: white on top /b kept pretty short and fluffy in a natural mohawk
Eyes: light brown, narrow but attentive, with dark perfect brows
Appearance: tan skin with small scars from training; prefers the darker end of Silver caste outfits as shown, and keeps himself flawlessly pretty for any occasion; do not trust his smile, he is definitely plotting something
Brief Personality: Feisty, fervent, flexible
Skills: highly trained with swords and staff based weaponry, loves being up close and personal with his enemies and sparring partners. Given his athleticism a lot of those opponents are fooled by his grin and wit, underestimating his skill and walking away a bit wiser

Name: Iyona Meddish Erikson
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Build: slender and very agile, graceful, hip-heavy
Hair: white on top with /b back silky and long, naturally clean on sides mohawk, in a braid to hips
Eyes: medium brown, almond shaped, with high nicely groomed brows
Appearance: light tan skin with very few scars though notably one long mark from training on her left upper arm; a quirky grin betrays her impish nature; enjoys showing just enough skin under her tunics to taunt her sparring enemies
Personality: naughty, neat, nitpicker
Skills: excellent with thrown weapons and target shooting, she realized that the blades and bashing her half-brother uses are definitely not for her, and prefers to keep a bit of distance between herself and an enemy. She will utilize her environment and can even reflect or deflect incoming blows with a carefully and forcefully thrown item

"They sure don't look sixteen," someone muttered as this pair of half-siblings strutted through the halls. Sure, those kids heard it, and got a private chuckle out of it too. Hollis had sent them to this place, Nidus Aven, and they'd been studying up about the locale. Though they used odd words to describe familiar terms, the Meddish-Erikson siblings fit in with the riders, comfortable around dragons and all their trappings their entire lives.

They'd brought their own gear, clothing and sparring equipment, even a few snacks that they shared only grudgingly once they were familiar enough with the other 'novos'.

"I keep trying to call them candidates or aspirants," Iyona chuckled, "but we're Novos now."

Her half-brother couldn't prevent that broadening smile on his face, eyes glittering as they stood on the Cradle's courtyard watching the various dragon squads in their training formations. The colors they saw didn't exactly defy description, but they certainly didn't come from their parents' homeworld. At least...

"Not from our parents' homeworld," Roston said, since their conversation would often drift toward this subject. "But they're clearly Pernese, even if they're much more colorful."

People had commented about how this pair of kids were 'less' colorful with their Silver caste clothing, they seemed unwilling to don even a cloak or coat in another more natural color, but what those same people didn't get was that for decades their culture had a lot of information conveyed by their clothing colors. They liked being 'high class' and thus had brought along their warm grey-toned fur lined riding jackets, their black gloves, their silvery shaded leather riding helmets.

They took the time to learn where each of the facilities were - the kitchens, the dining hall, the barracks, the infirmary. They were going to be much more familiar with the training grounds and infirmary than most other locations. Even the other novos recognized that this pair were good individually, but even better when they were back to back or on a team together. But that said, they were still in training, and did sustain their fair share of bumps and bruises.

They had no illusions, too, about whether they would bond or impress here. They were sure about it, but didn't ever express any disappointment or expectation about what rank or color they'd be found by. It wasn't like they would pick and choose from eggs or hatchlings, those hatchlings would choose them, and they were both hoping to impress a hatchling that was the right one.



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