Blackstone prototype (page originally done and redone in the early 00s)

Name: Hollis (H'lis) Blackstone
Gender: Male, bi
Age: 40ish now, aged between times when he was Searched, sent to a hatching, and trained up in secret
Origin: Blackstone Weyr
Family: parents Loth and Helan, brother Neonan (N'eon); many cousins
Other Relations: is Engel's relative on many worlds, as they are both descended from Tresis Arregon (their connection is much more direct on Zekira than Pern)
Height: 6'
Build: 160, built nicely but with padding on his muscles. Rounded shoulders and pleasantly even build.
Hair: platinum silver, this is not really blond so much as white that is usually wild and to his shoulders
Eyes: grey eyes (colorblind)
Appearance: features are all typical of Blackstone. Voice is sweet and deep, but has been known to be hoarse from yelling. Wears good quality clothing and often finds them in other times to bring them back with him. (An annoying habit, yes, but it helped him survive his first Fall.)

Emotional/Mental Description: solid and quick minded, keenly aware of people and their interactions. He is also gently aware of all the dragons around him, and through them, their riders. He enjoys his status with his great Bronze dragon being much larger than the rest around, however he had to skirt around the fact that he was almost too young to Impress when he did. He still carries the strange stigma of having forced himself to grow up beyond the time that he really lived, throwing himself into a safer time to grow into an adult in time for Threadfall. He is slightly paranoid that someone will discover other things about him (his sexuality is a bit off for the Bronze to have Impressed him, however he is steadfastly in charge of the Weyr still), and a little off balance when too many things need to be taken care of at the same time. He does feel the need to do everything for everyone and this leads to a crash and burn on occsasion.

Notes and Special Information: he is highly empathic but is also drawn to danger and thrills. This complicates his life immensely. He has several children on the way, none of whom live in the Weyr (some in Dawnlight Hold, one in the East, and one in the Kshau protectorate) and all of whom will probably make great Riders.

Pets/Hobbies/Posessions: H'lis has a collection of people he keeps around him at all times. That is as close to anything substantial. He cooks well, and has a set of crockery.

Skills: he is an expert rider, but also he knows the ins and outs of Betweening Times. He knows it is dangerous, but he still does it, perhaps slightly addicted to it? He has strong social training, and loves to work with people. He and the Dawnlight Holders are on good terms now, but before, and with the still-present threat of Spencer and Deon, he knows that he might have to go in with force to the Hold, to save his friends from their politics. He is also greatly adept at sex play and takes more than one lover on at a time.

History: that can be insinuated... He was born before the Pass, but barely. He and others were sent to learn their skills on dragon back, but he was only 9 turns old when he impressed the biggest Bronze the age had seen. He and Synesth developed an understanding of the area they were in "before" they got there, by generations, and when they were to practice betweening they were "lost" to it. In reality, he sent them back in time to learn from experts and grow into an adult capable of leading a wing, let alone capable of physically riding his great dragon. He returned in the middle of the Fall, saving his own wing from destruction even though they did not even know he still lived. After then, one of the Golds rose to mate, and Synesth of course beat out any competition. He has proven himself a capable weyrleader, and is well liked by the Weyr folk.


But H'lis, if the wing does not exist, why do you talk about it?

"It does exist, we just want it to be kept... secret."

... Then why do you keep talking about it to people?

"I don't! Well... Not all the time..." H'lis admitted. The big bronze chuffled and rested his head on the stone outcropping below him. What might suit a green dragoness as a perfectly sized sitting perch, seemed to be just enough to provide Synesth's upper body and neck a resting place.

"He really is huge," Shard commented. "And lazy. I've never seen a beast sleep so much."

H'lis ticked his tongue. "And Jeremoth isn't lazy? I know he's usually underfoot... I hope my big fat lazy bronze didn't sit on him and squish the tiny guy..."

They laughed, and Jeremoth popped his head up over the considerable expanse of Synesth's wing. I am fine! Why do you laugh at us! Synesth is a fine bronze!

"We know, we know..." tall Gresilla said, finding her seat among the other Shadow Warriors.

For a wing that does not exist, there certainly are a lot of people in it! Synesth bespoke to the other dragons, and they all seemed to share a draconic giggle.

"This meeting is of course, denyable. You were all with me, flying Thread with Shard's wing..." H'lis started. Most meetings of their wing started that same way, jokes and all. Unfortunately, they rarely continued in the joking vein. The Shadow wing took care of problems. And tonight's problem was a strange thief they had heard about wandering around between Eden's Gate and Dawnlight Hold.

"Would it be easier to take care of this above board?" H'lis asked, and Shard shook his head.

"It's already gotten out of hand. Keep the assignment, and I hope you catch this criminal. I ... get this really odd feeling about all this. It turns in my gut."

H'lis mulled it over, "I get that same feeling, Shard..."

"When we're done here, though," Shard looked around at the maps and the groups of riders poring over them, "There is in fact some Thread to fight. If you're up to timing it back with us."

Smiling broadly, the pale skinned man nodded. "When have I not been up to fighting Thread with you? Make sure that Synesth has the right coordinates, and have that blue of yours make sure that I know WHEN you're flying. Right?"

I always know! They say I am like a white!

"Jere, we don't time it all that much..." Shard muttered as they went off to their wing.


Dragon (info taken from Carramba's instructor page)

Name: Synesth
Gender: Male
Size/Shoulder/Length: Large Pernese Bronze (large) 18' s / 100' l / 130' ws
Colors: Burnished bronze with paler areas on face, wing fingers, and hind end/tail, slightly darker under chin and on forelimbs; Wingsails brighter sunny bronze with burnished edges; pale claws; eyes change color with mood (not usually red as shown!)
Features: Modified Pernese, four legs with 4 digits, thumb on fore; two large leathery wings with 4 visible fingers and a prominent wrist thumb, all with short claws; long legs and slender neck / tail, hide which requires maintenance and sheds as growing; head long and narrow, back-pointing knobs, large faceted eyes with color shifting; egg layer, highly regimented color based rank, specifically requires bond at hatching, -TH ending names
Powers: Winged Flight, obviously Synesth is a massive dragon even by current Rookery standards, and is the wing leader for a reason. He is powerfully able to move through combat and transporation duties, and his speed while not the absolute-fastest among his kind, is high. If there is a battle to be had, Synesth will last the entire time and then some, though he knows the value of down time and practice. He prefers to lead the stronger fliers, and relies on the others in his Wing to keep their own shorter-term fliers working to their abilities instead of his own. As a massive dragon he can lift stupendous weights, though he prefers to be used to transport people rather than goods, because... he does enjoy showing off for them.
Teleportation/Betweening, as all old-world dragons, he is capable of teleportation during combat or whenever he feels like, to blip into the between space. This space is filled with the spirits of the lost, dead, or just... psychic remnants, no one is really sure, since only a few riders remain there for long enough to know. However, he's bold and strong with a variety of side-powers - including going between Times. As above, this facet of his abilities was honed fresh out of weyrlinghood, and he continues to use it reliably ever since. It doesn't even seem to tire him out any longer, none of this does, since living at Carramba or even in the Healing Den has certainly changed his biology.
Communication, even though Synesth has lived on numerous worlds, his basic communication is still telepathic. He can however mentally connect with virtually any intelligent being, and not merely his rider or dragons now. His range is around 50 miles for dragons, 10 miles for humans/others, but is unlimited to Hollis. He also does make sounds and bellows, singing and humming with a surprisingly wide range of sounds. He has on occasion tried to emulate speech, but the closest he can usually come is a few very unusually pronounced Vortigese words.
Firebreath, as with a good number of dragons that have made the move between dimensions, he has been able to produce fire without the addition of coal or other consumed burnable chemicals. He has little reason to use it aside from demonstrations while on Twoarth, however when needed outside of that world, he is still among the strongest flame makers in the dragonry. He always preferred to blast Thread in a broad swath, v-shaped, so that his wing can safely fly below to pick up the rest. He can make a stream of fire hot enough to melt metal, covering a long strip over 200 meters around 4 meters across, before pausing to refresh. He's not that great at creating other shapes such as fans or cones of flame, so he sticks with what he knows.
Parentage: records are long gone for Synesth's parentage, unfortunately. He and several siblings were impressed to Protectorate riders, including H'lis's own parents. Synesth has produced numerous offspring in his time at the Den, Protectorate, Alskyr, and other locations. This notably includes a group of unusual paired dragon eggs with Korea's Gold Kalareth (11 eggs, 22 dragons!)
Origin: Originally impressed at Sandy Ridge Weyr, a long-defunct Yahoo club; image is mine
Other Info: Synesth is extremely popular among the riders of the Protectorate as well as Carramba's dragonry network. He is as charming as his rider, according to any other dragons.